Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A finished pair of Monkey!

Yay! I just finished the Kitchener stitch on my second Monkey sock:

(Please do not be desperately jealous of my matching lounge pants. I got them at Shopko, if you are in the market for some. LOL)
And we're back from Lodge at Cedar Creek, where the kids had a great time at the Waterpark.

Just ask Jacques "Anna" Cousteau!

And now, we have gone from 40 degree temperatures to...well...a snowstorm again. We left Wausau early, because we didn't want to run into the nasty weather--they were already letting the kids out early. They didn't let them out early here, although (surprisingly) on schedule at 2pm the ice arrived. It looked like "Day After Tomorrow" when the cold comes all of the sudden and the flag freezes...it was that sudden! All the water from the melting snow (and rain last night) is now ice, underneath snow. And 50mph winds. Keep your fingers crossed the library is closed tomorrow, the schools are closed tomorrow, and I can have a "just stay inside and knit" day.

On deck: I just joined the Sock of the Month Club over at The Knitter.com, so I am hoping that comes in the mail soon. Yes, I know, I need more sock yarn like I need another hole in my butt. I just thought it would be fun until I become overwhelmed again. LOL


Thora said...

Swimming! Perfect for the middle of winter and I love the pictures. Your monkeys are perfect. Are they comfortable? There is *nothing* better than handknit socks in the middle of winter.

Ruby said...

Love the socks!

Hey, everyone tells me that sock yarn doesn't count as stash...so the more the merrier! Micheal doesn't quite buy that notion though.