Monday, January 7, 2008

First FO of 2008!

I am thrilled to say I have finished Anna's Butterfly Bows socks! They turned out really nice--I am very happy with them:

My birthday was pretty good. I went to Il Angolo with Maureen from work for lunch. And she not only paid for my lunch, but she bought me a present!!! And not just any present--beautiful alpaca yarn in gorgeous greens!!!! It was so sweet of her...I was happy to have someone to go out to lunch with me!

Maureen says I have to make something for myself with my new yarn (HA! No one else was getting anything from THIS yarn anyway!) so I have decided to make myself a pair of Monkey :) That's my project to start tonight!

BTW if you haven't been to, you should go. They no longer carry the yarn that Maureen got me, but they have some other gorgeous alpaca yarn--mohair and silk too--at a great price for a great cause (and some cute scarf kits too! Just do a search for yarn!)

We were going to go to HuHot for my birthday, but the wait was 45 minutes and the line was out the door :( So, since the kids were hungry, and my parents were along, we ended up at Ponderosa. I have decided, like Mall Rats, Ponderosa is the "dirt mall" of restaurants. Or like Vegas Vacation "It's all you can eat Clark--we only need one plate" and "I'll have some of the green. And some of the yellah..." It just was the opposite of good.

BUT we went early Sunday night to HuHot instead--it was great! We went at 4pm, and by 5pm the line was out the door again...on a Sunday night! Part of it was the weather. It was foggy and everyone was cooped up all day.

And speaking of weather. Today--pouring rain. In January. In Wisconsin. There was a tornado south of here. A TORNADO. We had thunderstorms. And some hail. I took some pictures in case no one believes me. Note most of the snow is gone. It is very sad, and putting me in a blue mood.


Ruby said...

Love the butterfly bows socks! Can't wait to see your Monkey socks; that looks like a cool pattern and I love the green yarn.