Monday, May 23, 2011

Dave's Falls

Yesterday, before the storms came and ripped apart my 2 tulips (I am tulip deficient.  The bunnies usually eat them, so I boycotted tulips for a long time.  I just bought some on clearance at Lowe's for .99 a piece...and now they are both done for this year) we took a drive up to Crivitz and Amberg, and stopped at Dave's Falls County Park.  It really is a beautiful place, and the kids had a great time climbing around.  We would have walked more, but Emily was in flipflops (as was my Mother-in-Law...) and the mosquitoes up there are quite large and quite bitey.
Looks like the woodpeckers are bigger in the North Woods too.
 On the way there and the way back (and at home.  And every free moment) I worked on the Weekend Shawl.  One of the lines on the pattern is: "Isn't it nice to know you can finish a shawl in 2 days if you have to?".  Let's just say, it would be good information--if it was possible for me to finish it in 2 days.
Emily asked me to knit her a pair of socks today.  Obviously she doesn't have a clue how long it takes me to knit anything.  How about I START a pair of socks for you today.

In other news:  We went to look at a rental house near Pierce Park.  Small yard, small garage, small bedrooms, small bathrooms, lots of money, so it's a no go.  It is also very hard for me to think about going from our landlord, who says, "Sure!  Go ahead paint/change the floor/plant flowers/etc" to "Well, if you want to put in a garden, I will need to see sketches of what you plan to do and approve it."  Huh?

I miss being a homeowner.  :(

Friday, May 20, 2011

So A Little Bit Different Look...

Let me know what you think!  The new Blogger settings pretty much make it easy for any idiot to set up a nice blog, but it was nice to have basic html skills  to do things like color and paragraph breaks, etc.

Please excuse the risky photo *cough* of me in the corner.  I really thought I'd be further along on that sweater!  And I don't usually wear my heels when knitting.

I like it, but you know how I love green!  It was time for a change a while ago, and I just kept putting it off, mostly fearing the tedium of finding a template, then adding the html to get it how I want it.  I also had doubts about "new" Blogger.  But as you can see--any idiot can do it.

So for now--working on a present for my PB&J Bestie! (which, of course, is late!)  Hope she forgives me when she sees it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Time for a catch up post

I've thought about blogging a lot, really. But that requires getting the pictures off of my phone and 2 cameras, and that was just too much work. Fortunately, I took them off, so I can catch up!

Lots has happened since my last post. We went to visit my friend Jessica and her family in Iowa. Her kids LOVED my knitted gifts (way more than my kids ever do) so they will have more knitting in their future.

In addition to going to Iowa, we went to De Smet, SD to go to the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites there.

On our way home, we were lucky enough to stop at the Spam museum. Jess is still jealous about this one.

Who knew Brett Favre liked Spam?

We also saw the Jolly Green Giant. I was so excited in the car: "I see him! I see him!!" Brian thought I was crazy.

I knit a pair of socks. Actually did them on dpn's one at a time. I hadn't made socks in so long I figured I'd better go "old school" and not have to whip out the 2-at-a-time sock book to figure out how to make those again. Having joined the Sock Yarnista club at Three Irish Girls, I am currently sock yarn rich, so I'd better get going.

Emily had Little Fairyfest this past Saturday. I made her outfit, and was pleasantly surprised that it turned out (after not being able to finish her dress for Easter.

Speaking of Easter, the kids looked nice. Just getting this picture took about 80 tries:
I think that's all the news for now. I'll be starting a new knitting project soon, and I am making a little dolly for Lane, so I want to finish that up too. Oh yeah and cleaning and laundry and trying to find a new place to live--the fun never ends here.