Monday, May 23, 2011

Dave's Falls

Yesterday, before the storms came and ripped apart my 2 tulips (I am tulip deficient.  The bunnies usually eat them, so I boycotted tulips for a long time.  I just bought some on clearance at Lowe's for .99 a piece...and now they are both done for this year) we took a drive up to Crivitz and Amberg, and stopped at Dave's Falls County Park.  It really is a beautiful place, and the kids had a great time climbing around.  We would have walked more, but Emily was in flipflops (as was my Mother-in-Law...) and the mosquitoes up there are quite large and quite bitey.
Looks like the woodpeckers are bigger in the North Woods too.
 On the way there and the way back (and at home.  And every free moment) I worked on the Weekend Shawl.  One of the lines on the pattern is: "Isn't it nice to know you can finish a shawl in 2 days if you have to?".  Let's just say, it would be good information--if it was possible for me to finish it in 2 days.
Emily asked me to knit her a pair of socks today.  Obviously she doesn't have a clue how long it takes me to knit anything.  How about I START a pair of socks for you today.

In other news:  We went to look at a rental house near Pierce Park.  Small yard, small garage, small bedrooms, small bathrooms, lots of money, so it's a no go.  It is also very hard for me to think about going from our landlord, who says, "Sure!  Go ahead paint/change the floor/plant flowers/etc" to "Well, if you want to put in a garden, I will need to see sketches of what you plan to do and approve it."  Huh?

I miss being a homeowner.  :(