Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Busy Few Days

Still knitting my shawl.  It's a bigger blob.  I'm not sure how anyone can knit this shawl in a weekend, unless they don't sleep, or eat, or go to the bathroom.

I thought I'd share the pictures of the last few days that are on my phone with you.  We saw a very rare "rainbow sky".  I posted the pics and tagged Doug Higgins from Fox 11, and he posted back that it was a Circumhorizon arc, which is cool on both accounts---that I know what it is, and that Doug Higgins commented on my Facebook picture.  My friends were impressed too!

We went to the People's Bratfest in Madison.  Johnsonville was sponsoring the regular bratfest, and after all the money they gave to Scott Walker--and after the way he's screwed us--we weren't going to give any money to them.

But we had fun!  Finally went to Ian's Pizza.  Had some yucky beer (when you see "coriander" as an ingredient, I recommend skipping it).

And how cool is this bike rental program?  I miss Madison!  My kids were excited "Look!  We can ride PeeWee's bike!!!"

We also got to show the kids the UW-Madison campus where I went to school, point out my beloved humanities building, and let them walk up Bascom Hill.  I told all 3 of them that the hill is much worse when it's snowing and -20 degrees, but they can experience it themselves when they go to school there.  :D

My columbines are coming in nicely, which is good.  They even come in around the weeds!  I also have some giant irises about to open, so I can't wait to see what they look like (I transplanted them from my mom's garden last year, so I don't know which ones they are).  A little upset our sage, oregano and thyme seem to have mostly run their course this year.  We are looking at maybe buying a house, but I will plant some more either for us or the next people here.  I really love my herb garden (well, besides the lemon balm that just won't quit!)

Emily had her very first T-Ball practice, and did a really great job.  She had problems hitting off the tee, and her coach told her they'd work on it.  Nicholas, always the overprotective brother, said, "I don't like the way he said that to her.  It sounded kind of mean."  Now it wasn't mean at all, but it's still sweet he wanted to make sure his little sister didn't feel bad.

By the way--my kid loves me:

 The kids are out of school as of 9:50 on Friday.  We are heading over to my friend's house for a picnic after school, and to toast the ending of a somewhat trying school year!  It should be fun!!  :)