Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Busy June

It has been a busy June...wow!  Time sure flies when you're kids are home for the summer, and you are trying to find stuff to do!

First of all--I finished the blue blob.  I can't show it to you, because it hasn't reached its intended recipient yet.  I've now started a lavender blob of the scarf variety.

So what did we do this month?  We went strawberry picking at Prellwitz Produce in Ripon. I think the kids ate more strawberries than they picked.

Anna lost her sandal coming back from the fields. She got a quick ride in a golf cart to get it--and the congratulations from the guy who took her, saying she was the first one this year.

While we waited for Anna, we decided to pick sugar snap peas.  It's a lot harder than it looks, but it's worth it when you find what Nicholas calls "The Jackpot".  It was worth the time.  They are so yummy!

We have gone to two Timber Rattlers games.  The first was Star Wars night.  We sat in our usual great seats, and had a great time.  Emily went to this one, and she was so good!  Pics are on my camera, so I'll post those soon.

This past Saturday we took Emily to Princess Night.  She wore her Snow White dress from Halloween, and got her picture taken with the princesses. 

When she got her picture taken, she got a raffle ticket--and won a "Princess for a Day" gift certificate to Snips and Giggles (Now Club Sassafras) in Appleton.

So we used our gift certificate today--what a fun place!   Emily has decided she wants a mini-pedi every day. 

She looked so beautiful. 

And her stylist Angie was so kind and fun!  We definitely recommend it to anyone.  Their prices are reasonable too--a kids haircut with braids and glitter is $14.  I pay $10 to get their hair cut at Super Cuts, and that's without braids or glitter.