Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Finished Socks. No Drama here.

So I finished the socks I was working on for the SKA challenge.  I am the slowest knitter in the world, and I rarely finish a challenge there, and I never have won anything.  But it was fun to actually finish on time for once:

SKA seems to be undergoing a transitional shift, and a bit of drama to go with it.  I've been a member for years and years, so we'll see where it goes.  I did find a couple of cool sock knitting groups on Rav, so I might check those out too.

I made Emily some jammies.  She is thrilled:
Now Anna wants a pair.

We are going to New York in May.  Emily is excited...I know this because she is looking up YouTube videos of stuff to do their and asking questions like "Have you ever been to this restaurant?"  I just hope the Statue of Liberty is open again, or I am going to have a bummed out boy child.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Busy Weekend Ahead

No pictures until I get home from work, so I'll make this short and sweet!  I'm still busily plugging away at my sock:  First one is done, hoping to finish the next one by the end of February.

Yarn is ordered for Radiator Mittens for the Seaver kids.  Hoping to have those done by the end of next week.

Will be busy working on sewing Anna's dress for the Gala next Friday.  The pieces are all cut out, and it looks like it should sew up nicely (famous last words....).  I can't wait to see her in it!!

I also have a market bag to sew up for a friend, then I want to go through my material and see what I can come up with for a rag quilt for Anna first.  Nicholas also tried on the hat I made for him a LONG time ago, and it fit, but he couldn't flip up the ribbed bottom.  SO it's high time I made my boy a new hat :)

And that's what's going on in my world.  I'll post pictures either later this evening or tomorrow.  Hoping all my East Coast friends in the path of the blizzard stay safe.