Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year 2014

Well, I'm pretty proud I had my 2014 finished object done January 1.  Of course, I started it BEFORE 2014, but it's still done IN 2014.  I made Emily Moonkoosa slippers.  They felted a little small:

Before Felting

I also finished Brian's Dr. Who scarf just in time for Christmas:

AND I finished this Meow Hat that I decided to test knit on the spur of the moment.  School starts up again soon, and I won't have as much time to knit.  So I am frantically knitting these next few weeks:

That's all I got!  No resolutions (I didn't get my laundry room done from last year), but I did get a juicer for my birthday, so I am trying to add more fruits and veggies in my diet that way.  Maybe I will do a juice fast, but I don't know if I have it in me.  I'd LOVE to be skinny.  ;)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Been a while....(Do you hear Staind?)

I'm alive!  I started out with 3 grad school classes and dropped to 1.  It's so much easier with one, especially when it's interesting and I like the professor.  It's painful to learn about the "foundations of information" when I've worked in libraries long enough to know I won't use it in my day to day life.  I have a test to take this weekend, but so far I have an A in the class.  I also know I can't continue taking them one at a time--so here's to more classes (and probably less knitting) next semester. ;)

I've been knitting too!  I made a hat for my friend Melissa's daughter (OK, total disclosure--I used to babysit MELISSA!  It's a little scary she has a baby herself.  I am old.)

I also am working on a sock in this pretty yarn.  The pattern is Roundabout, and I am nearly finished with the gusset decrease now (this was taken yesterday).

I also signed up for a Mystery Knitalong with a very talented designer, Jessica L'Heureux.  She's jesseknits on Ravelry.  You can sign up in her Rav group here.  I'm really looking forward to it--Jesse designs the most beautiful patterns!

Halloween was fun and the yard is full of leaves now.  We have a huge maple tree in our backyard that waits until the last possible minute and drops EVERYTHING!  So my grass is covered in pretty yellow leaves.  I know the ground will soon be white, so I will take the leaves every time.

Here's some Halloween pics:

And the last rose of the season:

It's cloudy and dreary and cold, so I think I'll go work on my sock.  And maybe have some tea (Oops!  How did that whiskey get in there?)
Happy Saturday!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Storms and Test Knits

This was going to be strictly a knitting update, but first I need to say I am thankful I have power again after 5 tornadoes came through the area--and those of us who didn't "technically" have a tornado were blessed with 98 mph winds.  We lost power for 3 days, which sucked, but it could have been way worse.

I saw some amazing good, and it kind of restores faith in humanity (of which mine has been severely waning lately).  All our neighbors met outside at 7am and helped clear tree branches from each others yards.  That night when we were driving up Forest Street, one side of the street had power and the other side didn't...and the road was a sea of orange extension cords from the powered side to the not, powering refrigerators on the other side of the street.

The most touching thing was going into our favorite bakery this afternoon.  I picked up the kids after work, and we thought maybe the power was on at home, but the kids wanted to go get their "Thursday cookie" first (which, after 3 weeks, is now a new tradition.)  We went to the bakery, which still had no power, but had breads and cookies brought in from their Little Chute store.  Mary was working behind the counter.  She was so excited last week when we told her all about how we were supposed to go to the State Fair tomorrow...and this week the kids told her our plans had been cancelled.  We need to use the money to replace food in the fridge that we lost, so we are going to Bay Beach instead (considerably cheaper).  Mary was more upset than we were, "But you were so excited about going!!"  I told her it was fine, and she said, no, it wasn't.  She pulled out a card and wrote on the back, and said, "When we have power, call ahead to make sure we have them ready for you.  It's a little bit of State Fair here." The card was for cream puffs.  She gave us our cookies, then handed us a little picnic cake, "Close your eyes and pretend you're at State Fair".  Made me cry. 

So there's good people in the world.  Some days they're harder to find than others, but they're always there.

And now for a knitting update--with no computer time, I had some time to knit, but not as much as you'd think.  I discovered a group on Ravelry called "Free Pattern Testers".  Designers put their patterns up and ask for test knitters.  They give you a deadline.  This is the interesting part--knitting something takes me For-Ev-Errrr....but not when I have a deadline to be fearful of.  The first thing I knit was a shawl.  The pattern was very beautiful and it had beads!  Unfortunately I f-d up a large portion (not pattern writer error--definitely user error!) but it was beautiful none the less, and Anna claimed it for herself:

Next it was a quick little hat called Honoring Angels.  Emily picked the yarn from IRIS, and I was done in a few hours:

Now, I'm starting another shawl.  It's done in worsted weight.  I had some Wool of the Andes in Chestnut in my stash.  I have about 2 skeins started into a really pretty shawl...that I don't remember what the name of it is, and I have no idea where I am on the pattern.  So I am going to use that yarn for my test knitting shawl, and unravel the "mystery" shawl if I need the other 2 skeins (which I probably will).

Monday, May 13, 2013


First of all, I had a lovely Mother's Day, and I hope other mom's did too.

*rant on*

And now...I am so frustrated with my own mother.  She decides on whims whether or not she is talking to me.  She gets mad at me for perceived things she thinks I do.  My life is a constant battle of "You have to..." or "You better..."'s. 

The latest:  She got mad at me (I think) because I didn't go to my cousin's Lia Sophia party (thereby making her "look bad").  I was fortunate enough to get a scholarship to go to a library conference, which fell over the same time as the party.  I ordered online for the party, and went to my library conference.

My mother didn't speak to me for 2 weeks.  She then calls and pointedly talks to my children--and when the kids ask if she wants to talk to me, they get "No.  Bye."  Childish?  You bet.

So my uncle in New Jersey has cancer, and they decide to go.  My mom leaves me a voicemail that they are leaving and will be about a week.  Says nothing else, then comes walking into my house, drops a bag of potatoes on my kitchen floor (My kids are all sitting there mind you...) says nothing to my children, says to me, "Eat these or they'll go bad", then peals out of the driveway and speeds down my street.

So--onto Mother's Day.  I have heard NOTHING from them.  No "We're here" or "We're home".  I tried calling my mom's cell phone yesterday and got no answer.  So I am quite sure the WRATH OF MY FATHER will be down on my shortly, about how I neglected my mother and I am disrespectful and evil incarnate, etc etc etc.  Screaming and yelling will ensue, in an attempt to get me to cry.  This is what my parents do.  They "bait me" into a fight.

I'm done.

I just can't do this anymore.  I am quite sure my mother is suffering from something.  She's not the same person she used to be.  My dad blames menopause.  For the past 20 years.  He says things like, "I'd leave her, but where would I go?"  So he knows there are problems too.  But when it's her against me, it's not a contest who's side he chooses.  What I'm confused about is why there is any side to begin with.

My mom needs to understand she just can't come waltzing in and out on a whim.  Either be a decent human being or stay away.  You don't have to like me, but you have 3 grandchildren that I would love to let you see, but that I don't want used as pawns in your stupid whatever this is.

My childhood was horrific.  I just need to take away the power so that I don't have to feel this miserable at 40 anymore.  I'm tired of being the one to say I'm sorry for stuff when I don't know what I did.  I'm tired of being the one to face the wrath, and who gets blamed for everything.  I'm tired of trying.  I just feel like I don't care anymore.  I just can't take anymore.

*rant off*

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Little Update

So, I knit some more on a gift I am making.  Here is a sneak preview:

In other news, we played Yahtzee as a family tonight.  Anna was reluctant to play but she actually won with our help! I'm hoping this gives for the confidence she needs to enjoy math games a bit more.

In funny news, Emily decided she likes Lifetime movies.I was watching the end of one and she wanted to watch the whole thing. I told her it's going to be hard to find movies appropriate for her.

Hoping to paint my bedroom tomorrow I will try to take pictures especially of the multicolored green before. I will be very glad to see the last of that color.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday Catch-Up

 You know, I took photos to post on my blog every day.  Unfortunately, real life (and sometimes laziness....) got in the way, so you get them in one big wrap up post!

So first...I was knitting on Anna's owl beret.  Here was the progress:
 Then, it was my wedding anniversary.  Brian and I have been married 17 years.  I had him book a hotel room away from the kids--and he chose one in Elkhart Lake.  We couldn't check in right away, so we did what all Library Geeks do and toured a library!  This one was in Sheboygan.

Mead Public Library is gorgeous.  We were happy to see Appleton isn't the only library with meters (Although, instead of the 20 minutes a quarter gets you in Appleton, in Sheboygan it gets you 50 minutes).

They have this awesome restored cigarette machine converted to dispense tiny works of art for $5.  It's called the Art-O-Mat.  How cool is that??

So I pulled a box from "One Word Wonders" and got some Joy.

There library there is beautiful--3 stories, lots of room for teens (2 dedicated rooms, actually), big Children's Dept on the 3rd floor, giant quiet room.  Just an all around great library.

So, after our library tour, we went to the hotel.  It really wasn't anything to write home about (We were the only people there...), but they did have a fireplace.  And Brian did bring wine:
 So then it was St. Patricks Day.  We continued a tradition of Shamrock Shakes (Even if McDonald's has froo-frooed them up):

 I started a tradition of my own--with green Midori Sours:

 Then.  It snowed.  Another 4".  I guess it's better than Thora's 7" in NY, but still.  I am so over winter.  It can stop any time.

How are birds supposed to eat with all this snow going on??

 And today...I finished Anna's hat.  I don't think she likes it much, especially when she found out it's a slouchy beret.  But I think it's cute.

So that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  :)  Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Some Knitting

I am involved in a local Yarn Bombing project called Fiber Rain.  My dear friend Kassie is one of the organizers, so I recruited my girls to help her out along with me. 

They are doing a jungle tree and need I-cord and chains made by kids.  Emily is enjoying her finger knitting I-Cord, and Anna is really enjoying chaining.

I made some leaves (with yarn donated by IRIS Fine Yarns, because Phyllis rocks!) and made the start of a collective light pole project.  It's Vanna's Choice in a pretty purple from my stash:

 We also had some fun outings this past week.  We went to Building for Kids (at Anna's event night, we won a family membership in the silent auction.)  We've decided this will be our "Tuesday" outing. Even Anna had a good time:

 Yesterday we decided to go ice skating.  The outside rinks are crap (and have been pretty much all winter) so we went to Appleton Family Ice Center.  They are generally only open for Public Skating during the middle of the weekdays or Sunday from 3-5, and they are a busy place.  But the kids had's Nicholas mugging for the camera:
(BTW--the bleachers have heaters over the top of them!)

In other knitting news, I'm working on more leaves and some cute anklet socks.  I also am trying to crochet, but I really suck at it.  I think I'm going to start with something simple and work my way up to birds (for the Fiber Rain project).  I can do the stitches--it's understanding the patterns I have a problem with.

Oh, and it's snowing again.  But I did find a really cool site called Sprout Bot.  You put in your zip code, and it tells you what to start or what to plant that week!  Very handy.  Between that and my Pinterest gardening board, I'm hoping it gets me over this blah hurdle!