Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Snow Day!

So grateful for a snow day today.  At first I was afraid it would backfire-the snow didn't start until 11am, and I knew if we barely got any, the school district would NEVER cancel again.  As it was, we waited until about 8pm for the district to cancel last night. I was going to go to work myself and keep Emily and Nick home. That way I didn't have to worry about how they were getting home, just about myself.

So here are some snow pics.  The first one was taken around noon.  The rest I took just now as I was shoveling, about 2pm.  There's about 2" on the ground, and it's coming down very steady now.

So what am I doing on a snow day?  I'm practicing crocheting:

And I'm knitting slippers for my cousin (who just sent me a kick ass box of handbags and purses!):

I also bought some scarf making yarn at Herrschners yarn sale.  The hot pink/black is for Emily. The other stuff I thought was too pretty to pass up for 99 cents:

Besides that, making chicken soup and grilled cheese for dinner, picking up a bit, watching TV, thinking about the house I hope we buy and the fact that starting next week, I have a new job that gives me every Friday off (and is going to be absolutely, fabulously amazing!!!!), that's about it.  Just chillin' with the kids and cats and bunny.

Have a great day whatever you are doing :)

Monday, January 4, 2016

Knitting and a Birthday

So I'm 43 today.  I don't really have anything profound to say except I'm 43 today.  Woo.Hoo.

I did get a phone call from my neurologist telling me I don't have Multiple Sclerosis (YAY!). I have a sclerosis, that will never go away, and will always give me problems, and they can't tell me what it's from except a virus caused it. But no meds in my future, so that's awesome.

I've been knitting, which is also kind of awesome. Saturday I spent the day with a friend of mine I don't get to see very often (Let's face it-I don't have many friends, and the ones I do have, I don't get to see very often). We both needed to catch up on Season 5 of Downton Abbey before the new season started on the 3rd. So we watched Season 5, had tea and scones and little finger sandwiches and knit. I started a sock, and she made cute dishcloth which she then gave me. It was one of the most pleasant days I've had in a while, and it made me "home" sick (even though it's not my home anymore.)

I love self striping yarn.
In addition to my sock, I started the Downton MKAL last night. I did my gauge swatch and it still came out to size 4's even on my sportweight yarn. So then I had to cobble together 4 size 4 dpn's. I'll be happy when I graduate to a circular needle.
So far, so good. With multicolored needes.

So that's all that is going on here.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

You know how I feel about resolutions. I did pretty well last year in my "Don't read comments on Facebook posts" resolution, and when I didn't, I really was much happier. Then I kind of backslid, and decided maybe humanity isn't all that worthy of saving should aliens come, but I'm going to try harder to keep this one.

Anna decorating herself.
Our tree in it's natural habitat, before the murder.
Christmas and New Years were pretty low key around here. We actually cut down our own Christmas tree for the first time (Anna wasn't along, or we'd have heard about murdering trees.)  It was fun.  They take you out on a trailer and give you a saw and you have at 'er.  Finding one that worked was a bigger challenge.  So we picked one.  And I said, "I don't think the trunk is straight".  And Nicholas says, "What do you have against gay trees?"  So of course that is the one we got...and it was crooked the whole time.  And man, did it shed needles.  You couldn't SEE the tree skirt, and I had to empty the vacuum 4 times to get them all up (and this was December 27th.  It's not like the 4th, as in most years).
Our decorated tree. You can't see the lean from this angle.
Emily decorating.

So we went to my parents house and Brian's mom's house on Christmas Eve and then hung out here Christmas Day.  I did get a Nintendo 3DS with Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so that is exciting.

New Years was quiet too.  There isn't a whole lot to do here (although DJ Jammin' John was at Mickey's Tip Up with Karaoke in Kellner.  Sorry we missed it.  Not.) so we stayed home and had a nice meal and ate nice snacks (although my retro fondue pot did not function.  I definitely want me $2 back.) and played Monopoly with the kids (Brian won). So that was New Years.

And yesterday-I did something I wanted to do for years and never got around to.  Thora asked me to join her in the Downton Abbey MKAL, but we are using stuff from our stash (because we can't afford another $54 on a kit...).  Of course, her stash is all documented and nice on Ravelry; mine is not.  So I went up, got everything out (that was out anyway, because I was going to at least organize the damn thing this week) and started putting my stash up on Rav.  It took hours, and I till have cotton yarn to get up there (and stragglers from the closet, under the bed, behind the door, etc etc) but it's up. I have a lot of beautiful yarn. And a lot of stash knitting to do this year, especially socks.

Going to try this for the MKAL
And I did find something to use for the MKAL-it takes 800 yds of fingering weight (and of course, all my beautiful sock yarn is only 410, and there is only one skein of each), so I am going to try to swatch tomorrow morning with my sportweight woolese and see if I can make it work. I have 4 balls (about 1300 yards) so it should be enough. Probably huge, but we'll see what I can come up with when swatching.

I have also decided that after I use up some of my sock yarn, I miss Opal and Regia and the whole "self striping without any work" thing. When I first learned to make socks, I LOVED it.  Then I kind of "outgrew" it and wanted to expand to patterns and lace and cables and...now I see the beauty of it just being there to mindlessly knit.

Oh and the best news of all?  I found my swift and my ball winder (in two different boxes) buried in with yarn and other fiber-y tools. So I can get my winding on. Here's some other great finds:
I found misc. needles. And the first book I learned to knit with

A beaded scarf about half done. I figure I messed it up and put it back in the bag. At least I didn't pitch it in the corner.
One sock. The rest of the yarn in a bag. No pattern. Way too small for me. So I'm going to try to finish it and wing it.

Some of my gorgeous sock yarn that is undone and needs to be wound. Woohoo ball winder/swift find!
I don't know what this is. I think I bought it at IRIS. It's gorgeous and soft. And I wish I knew what it was.
And today I am going up to Appleton to hang out with my friend Shelly and catch up on watching Downton Abbey from last season and knit and just hang out. It will be nice, and I need more of that in my life. But I need to be motivated to do it, since I don't have any friends here and it's easy to get into a rut.
I'm going to knit with this bad boy today while I watch Downton

So whatever 2016 brings, I am hoping for the same prosperity and maybe in a different place. I hate change and "not knowing" and feeling like I have no control of my destiny. So it's a little stressful for me right now. I need more knitting, less video gaming. More water, less soda. And more tea. We all need more tea. :)

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life in General

So, we've been here a few months. I'm working at the high school, which is ok. A lot of the kids there, they've got it rough. I have no right to bitch about my life when they tell me about their foster parents and group homes, and I convince them to grab a sandwich for lunch instead of gaming on the computers because otherwise they won't eat.

I don't mind my job. I already have my "regular" kids, the ones that are usually drawn to the library. My public library kept me sane when I was a kid; I get it, and have no problem paying it forward. Some days for me are just exhausting mentally. It's hard being "on" all the time, for this extroverted introvert. I am the girl home under her blanket in her pajamas, but I go to work (honestly, I like not worrying about money. It's nice to be able to eat more than ramen) and I am not crabby or sad, because the kids I talk to need me to just be there more than I need to feel crabby. Even if I am having a bad day, I am tired.  That's it.

I've been reading. I want to read Go Set a Watchman, so I am re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I haven't read it in years and years, and it was funny how I was sucked right back in by page 10.

I am caught up on my homework for school. This is something else that is exhausting for me. It's not the work; it's stuff I do on a daily basis, and I know it's a giant hoop to jump through. And I'll finish because I'm half done. But really, I am more and more disillusioned that I will find a job I love in my field. And I don't need one. I just need a job that I like. Had we not moved, I would have happily stayed at Fox as the library assistant as long as they'd have me. I LOVED my job there. I felt valued and important and I was good at it. So I have to try to find something like that again. To have a job that you don't mind going to every day is one of the best things in the world, silly as that sounds. For now I am grateful for my job here.

We went to Pumpkinfest in Nekoosa today.  It wasn't bad.  And we got to see the world record pumpkin :)

Anna and a giant pumpkin
I've been knitting as well.  My sweater is a little in limbo, but I think as it gets colder I'll be more into finishing it. I started a scoreboard cowl, which is kind of cool.  When the Badgers score, I knit red. When their opponents score, I knit black. I am knitting white in between games.  So at the end of the season I'll have a record of the season; it's been very red up until this week, so I am happy/not happy to knit black.

Last night we had family game night, which was fun.  Everyone participated, some more reluctantly than others.  But we played Zombie Dice and Tsuro and Yahtzee.  Hoping next week to fit in more Munchkin and King of Tokyo, and I've been jonesin' for some Settlers of Catan lately.

Otherwise just plugging along.  Waiting for Fallout 4 to come out.  (Missed the cut off for the Loot Crate--damn!). Replaying Inquisition and toying with buying expansions.  I did buy Big Pharma, but my brain is busy and doesn't want to wrap around it right now. Sometimes you just need to play those games where you don't need to think.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And So She Goes...

So I've been working on knitting stuff, and giving my kids jobs to do stuff and trying to not be depressed stuff.

I mostly feel like I'm nothing.  I miss everyone and no one misses me.  I am nobody.

I am never ever ever going to find a job here (You can sing that to Taylor Swift if you want.  It all amounts to the same).  10% of the population here have Bachelors degrees.  4% have Masters degrees.  Who the hell is going to hire me?

I am tired of bugs. Especially ticks.

I am tired of rude people.  Everywhere I go.  I try to so hard to be friendly, and I'll be lucky if I can get a grunt out of some people.

I'm tired of not being able to find the IGA on the other side of town.  I hate not knowing where I am going.  I know it's not a big city, and I know I'll get it eventually, and I'm sure other people have had to get used to be areas, but it's hard on me.

I'm really tired of not having anywhere to go for craft stuff but Walmart.  I hate Walmart.

I'm just tired.  Worn out.  Feeling pretty hopeless.  Worried about my kids going to school here.

So back to knitting and book posts tomorrow.  For right now at 12am, this is what I have for anyone who bothers to read.  I just had to write it down somewhere.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review: The Real Doctor will See You Shortly

Disclaimer:  I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.

I recently received the book The Real Doctor Will See You Shortly by Matt McCarthy to write a review about.  Honestly, the book was very well written and interesting enough that I read it in 2 days.  It was humorous at times, happy at times, and it kind of scared the crap out of me seeing what med students go through.  You hear about it, but you rarely hear the whole story that McCarthy lays out in this book.

The book goes through McCarthy's year as an intern as he learns the ropes of being a doctor.  There's supervision for some things, and some they just throw you in and expect you to figure it out.  It made me think about 2 things:  My husband was recently in the hospital with extremely high blood pressure.  On our second trip to the ER, we asked the doctor what the "magic number" is that should bring us to the ER.  He said he didn't want to give one, then he said he didn't know, then he decided on one that he'd tell us but, "maybe someone would tell us different".  It sounds so much like an answer the Intern in this book would give when thrown in front of a firing squad.  Now I think, did that doctor worry about that number he gave us?  That if something happened to Brian and he wasn't quite at the number so we didn't go to the ER, was that his fault?  

My second thought was my schooling as a librarian.  Generally, if I give a wrong answer, I'm not going to kill someone.  What stress on a person to constantly worry about the wrong answer you might have given and never being able to move on.  It's a job that I could never do, and also a job that I hope there's a lot less "trial by fire" than there probably is.

If you enjoy non-fiction, want to learn more about what goes into the making of a doctor, or just want a good, quick read, this is definitely the book for you.

Friday, June 26, 2015


Amazingly, I've only had to unfriend one person on Facebook tonight.  I don't do it often, and I like to think I'm a pretty tolerant person.  But I won't deal with hatred on my own page.

I know some people aren't happy about today's ruling.  I get it.  The analogies will come out that now we can have plural marriage (what the person on my page had to say about my "rainbowed" profile picture).  Or marry dogs.  And of course, WWJD?  It's a sin!  It's a behavior!

Well, I'm pretty sure Jesus would tell you to love those people anyway.  Jesus would tell you not to judge those people.  Jesus might tell you that we are all made in his image, and this includes EVERYONE, not just you.  

I don't know.  I'm not Jesus.  And pretty glad I'm not.  That's probably a lot of pressure there, what with the miracles and the constant people praying at you and all.

Everyone is welcome to their opinion.  It's one of the things that our country is built on.  If I care about your opinion, I'll read it.  If I don't like it, I'll not read it.  But I certainly don't expect you to come over to my Facebook page and spew your hatred (and yes, it's hatred IMHO.  And on my Facebook page my humble opinion is the only one that matters).  If you don't like that, you are welcome to unfriend me.  I'm ok with that really.  I might miss you.  But it's ok.  I'll get over it.

My biggest question is, besides the "moral high ground" and the "I don't want to have THAT conversation about THOSE people with MY child", how does this ruling affect you in anyway if you aren't LGBT?  Really, as a straight person who is married, and does have gay friends, I'm thrilled for them, but either way, I'd wake up tomorrow and the world would still be turning.  Tomorrow, we'll all wake up and the world will still be doing it's thing for everyone.  Some of the same people who claim it's time to move to Canada said the same thing in 2012, and here they still are.  And the world is still turning, degraded moral compass as some see it and all.

But for my friend's that this directly affects:  It matters.  They're life is changed.  If you don't like gay marriage, don't marry someone of the same sex.  It's ok, I won't judge you.  That's not my job.

I personally feel that the world will be a better place with more people able to love and marry each other.  More love can't hurt, right?