Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The fruits of labor

So, fortunately for me, I have 2 community garden plots here at work. The wet beginning of summer was rough on my little cucumber plants, and their stalks are white and cut open. My boss thought maybe I had cutter worms. But today--YAY--I spotted cucumbers. AND zucchini on my big plant. Hooray!

I also have some peppers and tomatoes. So all is well, so far!


House news: Still no house news except pushed back and pushed back. We just pushed it another week. But our mortgage guy says we're "real close now". I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and all this aggravation was for nothing.

Speaking of aggravation: I have mothers acting like children. I have a MIL who guilt trips my kids when they don't want to stay at her house. I have MY mother who yells at my youngest daughter (who, as you know, is a handful) and then tells her to tell me to text her. While I was at work. That was IT! I said to my 10 year old that grandma damn well knows my number, and she knows how to text. And I am not dealing with this at work.

Knitting news: Working on my stranded sock. Also working on the amulet shawl from the Shawl society.  I am so excited to get to the bead part. But I'm not there yet--lots of back and forth knitting the same two rows to go (which is actually just what I need right now).

Amulet Shawl

 So that's my life here.