Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BIC Gel-o-city!

I was lucky enough to earn a mission through Smiley360 to try BIC Gel-o-city pens for free. I LOVE school supplies, and I really love the idea of gel pens. Unfortunately they always goop and smear.

The Gel-o-city pens are awesome! The ink writes smooth and dries quick so it doesn't smear. I am partial to fine pens, but even as a medium point it's smooth and fun to work with. I'd love to try coloring with a bunch of these pens.

I highly recommend giving them a try!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Follow Up

OK, so I can't post my panic post about painting without the follow up.

The painting was fine. I hate my picture, but other people seem to like it (Including my kids, who hung it up right away). The experience was pretty awful. Let's just say I will never take a painting class from this person (who would not tell us his name) ever again. Bob Ross says there are no mistakes. This dude (CJ) pointed out all of our mistakes-we're doing it wrong, we're not using enough paint, we're using too much paint, we're using too much water, we're not using enough water, "Why are you all just sitting there gabbing?" even though he hadn't told us the next step. I almost walked out 3 times. Fortunately, we finished the painting in one night, because had it gone over 2 nights, I wouldn't have gone back.

So I learned. I will buy my painting supplies and paint with Bob Ross on Netflix. It will be good.

Knitting News:

Still working on Counterpoint. I have to start my socks for January (It's the 27th already!). Finished a Pussy Hat for Anna, and now have to make 4 to send to Australia (!).

I am beyond thrilled that I signed up for the Loopy Ewe's Loopy Groupies Warm Woolies. I've received 2 of the 3 shipments, and it's so much fun to get surprise yarn in the mail!  Here is December's:

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Brushes by Night

So tonight I am going to a painting class, to paint a picture (not paint a wall). Who knew something so simple can cause so much anxiety.

It's $20. It's not a big deal. It's something I've always wanted to do. But here's where I am in my mind:
*It's going to suck. I can't paint.
*I don't even know what door to go in. What if I go in the wrong door and get yelled at?
*What if I'm surrounded by bitches who all know each other and won't talk to me? This will make my loneliness worse.
*I should be home cleaning. My kids won't clean while I'm gone. They're not as good as other people's kids.
*I am literally watching Bob Ross videos to psych myself up.

Seriously, I already know the flipside:
*What if it's great?
*What of you learn something new?
*What if you meet nice people to talk to?

It's just hard for me to think that way. Nothing good seems to happen. And when it does, it comes with caveats that stop it from being all it should.

Let's face it, I shouldn't be terrified about an art class. It's fucked up. But it just reinforces everything I see wrong with me. I don't do anything right. And nobody cares. And is that good, or bad?

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year Knitting

It's nice to see that 2017 has already been more productive knitwise than 2016. One of my favorite knitters to follow on Facebook asked what our favorite FO was of 2016, and I didn't have one. I didn't finish many. The ones I did, were quick and acrylic-y.

I am proud to say I have already finished 2 items of knitted goodness, and I am working on my 3rd. And it's January 9th!  So that is Rockstar progress. To be completely transparent, both were test knits--so I had a deadline to get them done.  But I did it, by Good Golly!


The first one is on the way to Thora, so just in case she checks, I'm not going to post it here. But the second one was an awesome cowl from Jesseknits. I am not a cowl-wearing folk (I probably should be, but I feel like I'm being choked). I knit this one in Kraemer Perfection (the color is Peacock).

One thing that makes me sad in terms of my knitting life is that since I moved, I don't have access to my favorite LYS. I've gained closer access to Herrschners, which is not a bad thing, but it's not the same. I finally found an LYS--a bit of a drive, but not too bad. Knitwise Yarn and Fiber Arts Gallery is in Nekoosa, and is run by Jane, who is awesome. The only downside is that I love Cascade 220, and she is no longer carrying Cascade. I started a scarf for my piano teacher, and grabbed Naturespun instead (which is also one of my favorites) but it's hard to adjust.

So that's what I have so far today. Hoping with more fiber goodness and books and less Facebook I will be updating more. I am actually taking a painting class tomorrow night through Park&Rec, so wish me luck!