Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooooosday.....Aaaafternoon...(OK, really evening)

We took the kids to see Ponyo at Field of Scenes on Saturday night.

There was only a handful of cars there, and it was really nice (great movie by the way. Terry has made me into a Miyazaki fan!). October 3rd is their last movie for the year. They are showing the Haunted Mansion, and it's $10 a carload or free with a pillowcase full of cleaning supplies. The supplies and the profits all go to Harbor House, so if you are free, check it out. It's a really fun place, and an asset to the Fox Valley.

Today Emily had a playdate with her best buddy Max. They decorated cupcakes.

I couldn't find my Halloween decorating stuff, but Christmas sugar and jimmies were JUST fine with them. The cupcakes are sugar-riffic and the mess was overall not horrible,

but they had such a good time. And Max brought home cupcakes to fatten up his family, since his mother has decided to attempt making brownies with black beans in them. That's no way to make dessert!

Speaking of which, had a nice walk with Jeanette and Amy tonight. Wondering who will give in first when the weather gets cold.

Still knitting on my Brett Favre sock. I'm looking forward to pay day on Thursday to buy yarn for Anna's sweater. (I'm also looking forward to eating again LOL!) I also want to get started on my Cardi...the weather is getting chilly and my work shirts are soon to be short sleeved (and safety green)! And Sunshine Yarns had an update...mmmmm.....

Saturday, September 26, 2009

And a follow up...

So go figure: Deadbeat crazy ex-neighbor doesn't bring her kids for a play date. And rips my son's heart apart--again. It's 5:30, they were supposed to be here at 3pm, and he's still saying, "Well, maybe they'll still come".

She shows up again and she's being told to go away. It's one thing to screw with her own kids; it's another to screw with mine. We just keep telling him some people make bad choices--but the bad choices of this crazy broad don't have to be visited on my kids.

Anyway, we're doing dinner than off to the last drive-in movie of the year. We're going to see Ponyo, so I'm excited.

Oh, and moving the MIL? I'm amazed one person who seems to move every other year can collect so much crap!

This Morning is Already LONG

I woke up exactly 17 minutes ago. In that time, I've had to chase the cat who got out (when Emily opened the door for her), twice. I had the dog look right at me and bolt across the street. I chased her. I came in the house to screaming, fighting kids. I have 3 bites on my stomach, either from a spider or a mosquito. The bites are right where the waistband of my pants comes up, so it itches constantly. We have to move Brian's mom today. Again. And yes, it is practically next door to where she lives now. Again. My crazy ex-neighborlady (and I am quite happy about the "EX" part) is supposed to bring her kids over between 3 and 4 pm. I'm sure she will have some "errands" to run to leave her kids here.

BUT...after all this whining.....

I have some very pretty mums.
I also have one completed Brett Favre sock. And the second one is started.
And Saffy likes it too. (Actually, she's probably just hungry, and I'm interrupting her feeding time by taking pictures).
The pattern I used for the sock is a compilation of many patterns I've used over the years, with some twists. But it is my basic pattern that I can remember in my head, it fits my size 9 feet, and it works. I'm going to post it in a few days. I may also have another pattern to post--my friend Moe has made a baby hat and booties, and decorated it with a flower and bow that is her own design. Pretty cool!!

So that's life this morning. I'm going to catch up on my DVR'd People's Courts and Judge Judy's, or some Food Network and maybe knit some more on my sock. Before my day gets any longer.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Facebook gets in the way of my Blog!

So, it's that time again. Fall rolls around and I think, "You know, I should really blog". And I was going to do this MORE this year!

The kids are all at new schools. Nicholas and Anna are at our neighborhood school, in traditional school, and so far, so good. Nicholas had some separation problems, and Anna is still organizationally challenged, but overall it's a great school and we are very fortunate.

Emily is attending a Catholic preschool. She's doing great--I had no worries about it--and everyday is a new adventure with tales to tell. She has finally stopped call the Father "That Boy", so that's good. My main worry was that we aren't Catholic, so how am I going to teach the kid to do the sign of the cross...watch it on YouTube to figure it out?? Both Nicholas and Emily have been asking about God and Jesus, so I'd like to take them to church. Of course, I have to FIND a church...something not inbred with 10 members, but definitely not Stadium Seating.

Otherwise I'm back to both jobs (3 if you include ChaCha, but I have been slacking there lately). I'm hoping the money situation improves. Things just seem to be plodding along.

My MIL had surgery so I quick ran to Yarns by Design and picked out some sock yarn. I will post a pic tonight, but the yarn is Opal Mississippi, and the colors are green/gold and Purple/white/gold. No lie--Brett Favre yarn! I picked up some dpn's while I was there. I haven't done a sock on dpn's in a while, so although I am excited to have one sock nearly done, I am disappointed it is just one sock, and not 2!! I love 2-at-a-time socks.

So I'm off to pick up Nicholas for lunch in a bit (the other advantage of being within walking distance of your school) and then I'll pick up the house and maybe take a nap??? My mom has Emily--but that can't be right. I can take a nap???