Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

With the new year comes another resolution to post more in my blog. I have people finding me on Facebook that may (or may not) want to see what I am doing with my life, so I need to be better at updating.

So, the run down of the last part of 2008:

Anna learned to knit: (Thanks Kassie at Iris!)
We had some birthdays (Nicholas' party is late, in a few weeks):

We started school:
We were a princess at Every Girl's a Princess:
We went to Florida:

We thought the snow was "cute" and "fun" and "quaint" when it first arrived in November:
(We learned snow is not cute or much fun when it comes down every day.)

I knit some mittens and a keyhole scarf for Emily (Saffy just thinks the scarf is hers):

We had Christmas:
During which time, I knit some snowflakes. A LOT of snowflakes. But they really turned out nicely:

Here's the pattern.

Today I get a yummy order from Sonny and Shear. Happy New Year to me!

And I'm currently knitting a warm tie bonnet in Caron One Pound.

So there's my life. You didn't miss much.

Happy New Year!