Sunday, July 29, 2012

Catching Up

Because I have knit a grand total of one scarf and one pair of socks this year (gulp!) my catching up involves my kids and family activities:

We went to the Domes in Milwaukee.  It was beautiful--but it was also a VERY warm day in February (we didn't have much of a winter) so it lost some of it's "Winter Love".

I had my first finished object--a piano illusion scarf, finished for Anna's school's silent auction (and my friend, Liz bought it)
Anna also had her first school dance--80's night.  She didn't have fun.  :(

We went to Owensboro, KY to check out the area.  Brian applied for a job there (he didn't get it):
At the library--e is for Emily :)
 My beautiful kids at Easter:
I changed my hair!!
We had ants...lots of giant ones:
We bought a camper!  It needs lots of work, but the price was right, and we've got our whole lives.
We had more ants.  Lots of little ones this time.  We decided between the ants and the flooding basement it was time to move.
Emily learned to ride a two-wheeler and got a new bike as a reward. (Holy Cow!!  I'm one proud Mama!!)
Star Wars night at the Timber Rattlers!!!
Strawberry picking at Cuff Farms.  It was our first time there, and we'll be back!

Fourth of July (and lots of beach days!):

We are renting to own our friend's house.  He had to move to NY with his kids following his divorce.  We LOVE our new home, and hope he is happy where he is.  Here is a rose in my new garden:

 We went bowling at Super Bowl for FREE this summer!!  I can't say enough about this program!!
We made it to Bay Beach on the first not-above-85-degrees-Day we could find:

And I got another beautiful rose in my new garden:

So I think that sums up until today.  I'll be sure to take a picture of my new house (everyone has their own bedroom--and we have 2 bathrooms!!)  I had to rip out the baby blanket I was working on (messed up reading the directions--oy.) but my Olympic Sock is coming along nicely :)  More entries to follow!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

After Hiatus

So I neglected my blog again...bah!  I've had lots of stuff happen, the biggest of which was a move.  Only 5 blocks, still horrendous, but we are all moved over.

View out my pretty kitchen window :)
Pretty rose in my new garden!

Now we are working on painting half finished rooms. Never thought I'd appreciate sedate colors, but I am starting to.
My half finished green striped bedroom.

I've also been knitting, believe it or not (although I had a hiatus there too!)  I am making a purple baby blanket for my friend Ashley's little girl.  I finished Anne's socks.  

Anne's Socks--they turned out great!
I started a Dachshund pencil case. Daisy Dachshund is at a stand still.  I don't like the way the head gusset worked out, and am now on the first side gusset.

A picture of what Daisy is supposed to look like when I am done.  It's nice to dream...

AND today I cast on some socks for Ravellenics.  I'm afraid I have too much going on at once, but I'm already behind on the baby blanket (little Ruby is here already) and I had to cast on the socks.

I've actually been doing some DIY projects too.  First, we painted the living room from this:

To this:

Only two coats True Value Paint-and-Primer in one.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

It turned out nice, except for the blue parts on the ceiling.  I'm thinking molding.  I hate painting ceilings.

We also determined the blue sweater Thora made for Anna, and the bee hat I made for Anna, fit Emily now:

Oh and my kids?  Still looking beautiful:

 Tomorrow, catching up from Easter to now.  Not much knitting, but we did a lot of things :)