Friday, July 27, 2012

After Hiatus

So I neglected my blog again...bah!  I've had lots of stuff happen, the biggest of which was a move.  Only 5 blocks, still horrendous, but we are all moved over.

View out my pretty kitchen window :)
Pretty rose in my new garden!

Now we are working on painting half finished rooms. Never thought I'd appreciate sedate colors, but I am starting to.
My half finished green striped bedroom.

I've also been knitting, believe it or not (although I had a hiatus there too!)  I am making a purple baby blanket for my friend Ashley's little girl.  I finished Anne's socks.  

Anne's Socks--they turned out great!
I started a Dachshund pencil case. Daisy Dachshund is at a stand still.  I don't like the way the head gusset worked out, and am now on the first side gusset.

A picture of what Daisy is supposed to look like when I am done.  It's nice to dream...

AND today I cast on some socks for Ravellenics.  I'm afraid I have too much going on at once, but I'm already behind on the baby blanket (little Ruby is here already) and I had to cast on the socks.

I've actually been doing some DIY projects too.  First, we painted the living room from this:

To this:

Only two coats True Value Paint-and-Primer in one.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

It turned out nice, except for the blue parts on the ceiling.  I'm thinking molding.  I hate painting ceilings.

We also determined the blue sweater Thora made for Anna, and the bee hat I made for Anna, fit Emily now:

Oh and my kids?  Still looking beautiful:

 Tomorrow, catching up from Easter to now.  Not much knitting, but we did a lot of things :)


Jessica said...

the dachshund is so cool!