Sunday, October 4, 2015

Life in General

So, we've been here a few months. I'm working at the high school, which is ok. A lot of the kids there, they've got it rough. I have no right to bitch about my life when they tell me about their foster parents and group homes, and I convince them to grab a sandwich for lunch instead of gaming on the computers because otherwise they won't eat.

I don't mind my job. I already have my "regular" kids, the ones that are usually drawn to the library. My public library kept me sane when I was a kid; I get it, and have no problem paying it forward. Some days for me are just exhausting mentally. It's hard being "on" all the time, for this extroverted introvert. I am the girl home under her blanket in her pajamas, but I go to work (honestly, I like not worrying about money. It's nice to be able to eat more than ramen) and I am not crabby or sad, because the kids I talk to need me to just be there more than I need to feel crabby. Even if I am having a bad day, I am tired.  That's it.

I've been reading. I want to read Go Set a Watchman, so I am re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I haven't read it in years and years, and it was funny how I was sucked right back in by page 10.

I am caught up on my homework for school. This is something else that is exhausting for me. It's not the work; it's stuff I do on a daily basis, and I know it's a giant hoop to jump through. And I'll finish because I'm half done. But really, I am more and more disillusioned that I will find a job I love in my field. And I don't need one. I just need a job that I like. Had we not moved, I would have happily stayed at Fox as the library assistant as long as they'd have me. I LOVED my job there. I felt valued and important and I was good at it. So I have to try to find something like that again. To have a job that you don't mind going to every day is one of the best things in the world, silly as that sounds. For now I am grateful for my job here.

We went to Pumpkinfest in Nekoosa today.  It wasn't bad.  And we got to see the world record pumpkin :)

Anna and a giant pumpkin
I've been knitting as well.  My sweater is a little in limbo, but I think as it gets colder I'll be more into finishing it. I started a scoreboard cowl, which is kind of cool.  When the Badgers score, I knit red. When their opponents score, I knit black. I am knitting white in between games.  So at the end of the season I'll have a record of the season; it's been very red up until this week, so I am happy/not happy to knit black.

Last night we had family game night, which was fun.  Everyone participated, some more reluctantly than others.  But we played Zombie Dice and Tsuro and Yahtzee.  Hoping next week to fit in more Munchkin and King of Tokyo, and I've been jonesin' for some Settlers of Catan lately.

Otherwise just plugging along.  Waiting for Fallout 4 to come out.  (Missed the cut off for the Loot Crate--damn!). Replaying Inquisition and toying with buying expansions.  I did buy Big Pharma, but my brain is busy and doesn't want to wrap around it right now. Sometimes you just need to play those games where you don't need to think.