Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wisconsin Dells

We are spending the weekend at Wisconsin Dells. I've lived in Wisconsin my entire life, and I've never been here. My first impression driving to the hotel was that it looked a hell of a lot like Cocoa Beach with snow. Or like Stephen King says in his novel "Thinner": ..."That's the honkiest honky tonk of them all."

We're staying at Hotel Rome at Mt. Olympus. It looks great on paper. But I'd recommend staying anywhere else. There are no perks for people staying at the hotel (as in opening an hour earlier or staying open an hour later type things). We actually had to sign something that said we'd do the dishes or pay a fine. There is no maid service. Each bed comes with exactly one sheet and one thin blanket--not even a bed spread to divvy out. The wireless access is sub par at best (usually just one bar). There's no book/booklet in our room saying what time the pool/park opens or closes, what number to call for room service, etc. There isn't even a map of the exits on the door to tell us what to do in case of a fire (or tout their outrageous rack rates).

The water park isn't very exciting. We haven't been to the theme park--it closed at 6pm.

We had a very exotic breakfast this morning--Cracker Barrel! But I can't really say anything bad...Anna decided she loves grits, and the bacon was the absolute best I have had in a long while (and they sell it in the gift shop--honest they do!). This afternoon we went to Moosejaw pizza, which actually has giant moose on their cars to deliver (and it pretty much looks like the moose is humping the top of the car). It was really good--we would have gone last night, but the wait was an hour).

In between, we went to the House on the Rock in Spring Green. I've never been there, and it really is like nothing you've ever seen before. Watching Brian walk to the end of the Infinity room was quite a site, and the Carousel was amazing (and a little creepy!). I'll post pictures when I get them DEVELOPED. Yes my friends, Lynnette forgot her camera going to The House on the Rock. (actually, I didn't know we were going right after breakfast, so I didn't bring it). So I'm hoping the pics I took with the disposable (gulp!) turn out.

Other than that, I've done no knitting whatsoever. My chances of finishing Ravelympics are looking pretty bleak. The good news is after I take the little Cub Scouts to the library tomorrow, I don't work again until Thursday night when I work the Reference desk.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

After Day 1

Here is my progress so far (I cast on at 8:15pm CST last night):
I DID learn how to do a one row button hole, which I am pretty proud of!!

Oh and I also had my first pedicure ever! See my pretty toes?
OK, I do apologize for my ugly feet, but there really is so much that woman could do for $25. She isn't a miracle worker, although she DID mostly make my feet smooth (and very red LOL)

Friday, February 12, 2010

I must be insane.

Most of you who know me probably already believe this. A lot of you are too nice to say it. But it's true.

My knitting friends know the saga of me never making a sweater for myself in the 10+ years I have been knitting. So what do I do you ask...??

I am stupid woman enough to join the Sweaterboard Cross in the 2010 Ravelympics. I was going to do Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty, and I still think it's a beautiful sweater, but I have decided on the February Lady Sweater. A)I am a little intimidated by the cabling in Greenjeans and B) Thora told me I should make myself one and C) I have time constraints.

C)=Big Time.

I'm using some beautiful green Highland Peruvian Wool I bought from
(A lot of wool. I am not insubstantially sized)
I am set to cast on tonight at 8pm my time. I WILL finish this one, or you can all beat me with a wet noodle!!

OK, and to add to my insanity productivity I am also finishing squares for Victory Junction--I have until the checkered flag flies for Daytona, which gives me a couple days to finish up a few and send them out to be joined with fellow Fast Girls who are also working on them. And I am trying to find time to knit a pair of mittens for Afghans for Afghans latest project.

Well, at least it keeps me out of trouble!! And I do have incentive, besides helping other people and finally knitting myself a sweater--this little piece of yummy goodness from The Loopy Ewe is waiting for me at the finish line!