Friday, February 12, 2010

I must be insane.

Most of you who know me probably already believe this. A lot of you are too nice to say it. But it's true.

My knitting friends know the saga of me never making a sweater for myself in the 10+ years I have been knitting. So what do I do you ask...??

I am stupid woman enough to join the Sweaterboard Cross in the 2010 Ravelympics. I was going to do Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty, and I still think it's a beautiful sweater, but I have decided on the February Lady Sweater. A)I am a little intimidated by the cabling in Greenjeans and B) Thora told me I should make myself one and C) I have time constraints.

C)=Big Time.

I'm using some beautiful green Highland Peruvian Wool I bought from
(A lot of wool. I am not insubstantially sized)
I am set to cast on tonight at 8pm my time. I WILL finish this one, or you can all beat me with a wet noodle!!

OK, and to add to my insanity productivity I am also finishing squares for Victory Junction--I have until the checkered flag flies for Daytona, which gives me a couple days to finish up a few and send them out to be joined with fellow Fast Girls who are also working on them. And I am trying to find time to knit a pair of mittens for Afghans for Afghans latest project.

Well, at least it keeps me out of trouble!! And I do have incentive, besides helping other people and finally knitting myself a sweater--this little piece of yummy goodness from The Loopy Ewe is waiting for me at the finish line!