Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

With the new year comes another resolution to post more in my blog. I have people finding me on Facebook that may (or may not) want to see what I am doing with my life, so I need to be better at updating.

So, the run down of the last part of 2008:

Anna learned to knit: (Thanks Kassie at Iris!)
We had some birthdays (Nicholas' party is late, in a few weeks):

We started school:
We were a princess at Every Girl's a Princess:
We went to Florida:

We thought the snow was "cute" and "fun" and "quaint" when it first arrived in November:
(We learned snow is not cute or much fun when it comes down every day.)

I knit some mittens and a keyhole scarf for Emily (Saffy just thinks the scarf is hers):

We had Christmas:
During which time, I knit some snowflakes. A LOT of snowflakes. But they really turned out nicely:

Here's the pattern.

Today I get a yummy order from Sonny and Shear. Happy New Year to me!

And I'm currently knitting a warm tie bonnet in Caron One Pound.

So there's my life. You didn't miss much.

Happy New Year!


Ruby said...

Happy Holidays! So glad to see you're back. Photos are great; especially love the Halloween costumes and your beautiful snowflakes. :)

Thora said...

Whaddya mean we didn't miss much? That's a LOT!

Dympna said...

Great to see you posting again.

Susanna said...

Happy New Year to you and your family!