Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pitter Patter--and are all City Engineers dicks?

I finished Emily's 2 pairs of socks:

This method is so easy, I can't wait to start another pair! It's so nice to have them both done at once.

Alright, I got fed up yesterday on my traffic issues. They closed the main street in Appleton which runs parallel to my street. And didn't put up signs that kept people off my street--people got mad and were speeding. I counted 33 cars in 15 minutes last night going down my street and having to turn around. Most were speeding when they drove away.

So I went to city hall. Who sent me to the Police department. I sent an email to the Mayor, my Alderman and Cc'd the police department about the problem. So this morning I get back an email from the City Engineer stating they reviewed the problem last week (10 times no less. I'm here most days, but they were here 9 times I didn't see them. And the one time I DID see them, they were here for 3 minutes.) That I am pretty much a complainer. That the signs were appropriate and they already went "above and beyond". But he put up new signs anyway, just for me.

So I sent back an email telling him I am glad the new signs are up, they cut down the traffic dramatically. And that I am not a complainer. And that I felt the tone of the email was that I should just sit and shut up, and I thought government was about participation, but I guess I was wrong. But thanks for the new sign.


I guess I shouldn't be too upset, considering I got what I asked for and it worked. But very nice attitude they have over there when you want to make them actually DO their job, isn't it? Of course I am sure they don't teach manners in City Engineer school.

I let the police department know that they didn't have to do extra patrols because the city engineer did his job. I found out why he was so pissed--because they called over and said that Public Works wasn't cooperating. So of course he had to list all the ways he went "above and beyond" If this was their above and beyond, I'm a little concerned. And I greatly appreciate the Police Department listening to me and taking me seriously.


Ruby said...

Glad you got your sign...but so sorry you had to deal with such rudeness.

I do love the socks though, they're very cute!

Ruby said...

Miss you! Hope you're doing well. I nominated you for an award on my blog.