Sunday, July 6, 2008

Yes, I have been knitting

Although it might not be very exciting to show you, I have been knitting:
At least Anna's doll looks very nice--although Anna could care less. Emily is happy. Now she wants outfits for all her babies.

The pattern is from Frugal Haus Knitting--they are awesome by the way! I ordered a Paton's slipper book, the pattern for this doll dress, and patterns for Mickey and Minnie Mouse sweaters (Disneyworld, here we come!) I was absolutely thrilled to learn that I earned 2 free patterns for my purchase! So I got this beautiful Fan Stitch pattern and a cute little apple hat (think Brian will wear one for Apple Picking this year??) Frugal Haus tries so hard to please their customers, and they have great patterns, from basic to advanced. I highly recommend them.

Speaking of highly recommended, I bought something from Sonny and Shear. Everyone raves about them, and I've talked to Kris once or twice on Ravelry, and she's such a nice person. I don't have a lot of money, but this yarn was calling me. I am such a sucker for hand dyed yarn lately. When it comes I'll take pictures.

Also in the "waiting with baited breath" category--Anna starts her knitting class tomorrow with Kassie at Iris Fine Yarns. We stopped in Saturday and Phyllis told us that Anna will be the only one in the class--which is great for Anna. I am just pounding into her little stubborn brain that she needs to L-I-S-T-E-N. I don't want to be vindicated on this one--that Anna can't learn knitting from me...or anyone else. I want her knitting with me in 2 weeks! She already picked out some light pink Cascade 220, that Phyllis let her take home to meditate over. I'll let you know what happens.

Other than that, I am still working on the Casablanca Stole. It's going well, although I wanted to work on it this weekend and accidently left the beads at my parents house--and of course, I was on a beaded row. I also cast on for the Goddess Shawl. I cheated. I used a provisional cast on and, I knit back and forth for the first 14 rows, then grafted it all together with the tail using a mattress stitch. You can't even tell. Of course then I f-d up a few rows later and I probably have to start over. But at least I started, and I can't believe that at least for 1 day I had 2 shawls on the needles.

I still have my garden sock waiting to turn the heel. And I started a market bag today while we were at the beach (I figure it didn't matter if I got sand all over my sugar and cream yarn...). I didn't get very far, since the pattern calls for 80 sts in the round, and I only had a 29" circular needle with me. I ended up casting on 120. Then it was about to rain, so I didn't get anything done!! But it will be a nice take-along project.

Fourth of July was nice. Worked on my stole a bit, enjoyed the fireworks at my parents house. They finally took our Weber grill and brought it to their house so I didn't have to cook over here. Only they continually needed directions on how to do this or that, and my father burned everything to a crisp. So I'm still trying to figure out if it was better or worse not having them here.