Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Wish To Thank The Academy

Ladies and Gentlemen...thank you for your kind praise. I am humbled and awed at myself for finishing the first clue in the Casablanca stole--BEFORE the 2nd clue comes out. It was a challenge, but with the help of many people in my life (most of whom don't have a frickin clue who I am), I have succeeded.

First of all, I have to thank Wendy at Knit and Tonic. Without her help with the Long Tail Provisional Cast On, this project would have never been started. Provisional cast ons always terrified and confused me, but Wendy's tutorial made it easy.

Next I have to thank Debi at FluffyKnitterDeb, who's excellent tutorial taught me how to add beads without stringing them all up at once.

I was not only excited when I read her very easy to understand tutorial, I was shocked and amazed when I did it and IT ACTUALLY WORKED! I felt like when I did my first cable: "Holy crap that was easy! And it looks like it was hard!"

(BTW as an aside note--both these blogs have INCREDIBLE patterns, for free and for sale, so you should check them out!)

Of course I have to thank the amazing CatLady2 who, with her sister thought up and created this KAL. It's a real treat!!!

Last but not least, I have to thank my friend Thora, who taught me that circular needles don't have to suck, in spite of Karola ripping out my entire sweater for Anna I worked on for HOURS on a train to New York. I swore I'd never use circular needles again. The second time I went out there Thora was making socks--on circular needles--and I figured they deserved a second try. So thanks my Knitting Friend.

BTW Karola, if you stumble across this: I forgive you and love you for what you tried to teach me. I just wasn't ready to jump that far ahead in the lesson yet ;)

I now await the second clue. AND if anyone has a good way to do a circular cast on that does not involve 9 tiny stitches slipping off dpn's and lots of swearing, I am ready to be a good student. I am 2 clues behind on my Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl and every time I try to figure it out I am ready to scream


Mum (aka Lisa) said...

I had a really long comment typed, and then blogger ate it. I've started and restarted my Goddess KAL at least half a dozen times. If it wasn't the cast on screwing me up, I wasn't happy with the gauge.

Bamboo needles help with the "grabbing" the yarn to keep the stitches on the needles a little better. And I did a modified i-cord-ish beginning. I cast on the 9 stitches; knit the next row as if I was knitting i-cord; knit the next row with the YO's as if I was still knitting i-cord; and then on row 3, began knitting them onto the separate needles (making sure to bring the yarn around, like i-cord). Does that make sense? The center stays loose, but can be tightened by pulling the tail of the yarn, and I'm going to thread it through that first row of stitches to tighten it up even more.

And I remember that sweater.

Thora said...

Holy shit! I totally forgot about that!

Thank you for the links. I forgot to bookmark them before.