Saturday, September 26, 2009

This Morning is Already LONG

I woke up exactly 17 minutes ago. In that time, I've had to chase the cat who got out (when Emily opened the door for her), twice. I had the dog look right at me and bolt across the street. I chased her. I came in the house to screaming, fighting kids. I have 3 bites on my stomach, either from a spider or a mosquito. The bites are right where the waistband of my pants comes up, so it itches constantly. We have to move Brian's mom today. Again. And yes, it is practically next door to where she lives now. Again. My crazy ex-neighborlady (and I am quite happy about the "EX" part) is supposed to bring her kids over between 3 and 4 pm. I'm sure she will have some "errands" to run to leave her kids here.

BUT...after all this whining.....

I have some very pretty mums.
I also have one completed Brett Favre sock. And the second one is started.
And Saffy likes it too. (Actually, she's probably just hungry, and I'm interrupting her feeding time by taking pictures).
The pattern I used for the sock is a compilation of many patterns I've used over the years, with some twists. But it is my basic pattern that I can remember in my head, it fits my size 9 feet, and it works. I'm going to post it in a few days. I may also have another pattern to post--my friend Moe has made a baby hat and booties, and decorated it with a flower and bow that is her own design. Pretty cool!!

So that's life this morning. I'm going to catch up on my DVR'd People's Courts and Judge Judy's, or some Food Network and maybe knit some more on my sock. Before my day gets any longer.