Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tooooosday.....Aaaafternoon...(OK, really evening)

We took the kids to see Ponyo at Field of Scenes on Saturday night.

There was only a handful of cars there, and it was really nice (great movie by the way. Terry has made me into a Miyazaki fan!). October 3rd is their last movie for the year. They are showing the Haunted Mansion, and it's $10 a carload or free with a pillowcase full of cleaning supplies. The supplies and the profits all go to Harbor House, so if you are free, check it out. It's a really fun place, and an asset to the Fox Valley.

Today Emily had a playdate with her best buddy Max. They decorated cupcakes.

I couldn't find my Halloween decorating stuff, but Christmas sugar and jimmies were JUST fine with them. The cupcakes are sugar-riffic and the mess was overall not horrible,

but they had such a good time. And Max brought home cupcakes to fatten up his family, since his mother has decided to attempt making brownies with black beans in them. That's no way to make dessert!

Speaking of which, had a nice walk with Jeanette and Amy tonight. Wondering who will give in first when the weather gets cold.

Still knitting on my Brett Favre sock. I'm looking forward to pay day on Thursday to buy yarn for Anna's sweater. (I'm also looking forward to eating again LOL!) I also want to get started on my Cardi...the weather is getting chilly and my work shirts are soon to be short sleeved (and safety green)! And Sunshine Yarns had an update...mmmmm.....