Friday, October 9, 2009

Baby it's COLD outside

I know global warming is about climate change, but maybe sometime we can get some of the "warming" part up here. The summer was not warm, and now we are talking accumulating snow in early October. This is just NOT right!

To top it off, I am woefully behind on my winter knitting (as in "haven't started"). I am still working on my Brett Favre socks, but I suppose I should put them down to make some mitties and hats quick. Nicholas has a soccer game tomorrow at 8:30 am, and if I thought last week was cold, this week will be 20 degrees colder!!!

Last weekend we went to Brian's Aunt Jackie's land in Waupaca. It was beautiful up there, and I see why she commutes every day to Appleton. Here are some pics of the kids on the tractor:
(Emily is wearing Anna's "octopus" sweater I made her when she was 4!)

We're going to cook out tonight (for what could be the last time in a while) so I am off to the store for brats and buns! Then I'd better get going on that knitting!