Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mulberry Lane Farm

Last Wednesday I took a field trip with Nicholas' class to Mulberry Lane Farm in Sherwood. Fortunately the rain stopped (mostly) but boy was the Pumpkin patch muddy!! We even wiped our feet before we got back on the bus, and the entire floor was mud!

It's a really neat place--in addition to the pumpkin patch, Nicholas' class got to do some pretty neat things, including riding a pony, milking a cow, feeding goats and sheep and holding a chicken. I highly recommend it just for a visit with your family...very impressive, friendly staff.

I also did Brian a favor and gutted pumpkins with the kids (without him). He really hates that job. But we had some fun:

We went to Door County for a drive this weekend. I would have had some great pictures--but for the fact that my memory card was in Brian's laptop. And the laptop was at home.

Then we went to Tundra Lodge to stay overnight. Anna and I ended up going home, because she had a fever. I saw the worst in my 10 year old, let me tell you...nothing like a screaming, stamping your feet, crying fit in the hallways of the hotel. Brian stayed and wasn't impressed--we are used to Lodge at Cedar Creek, and this was a miniature, less nice version of that.

Today Nicholas is getting a Character Counts award at his school, so I could be doing another post with pictures later.

I also started Anna's sweater, so I'll post pictures of that later too.

Otherwise, just trying to stay healthy and keep everyone else healthy.


Mum (aka Lisa) said...

I still can't believe how big the kids are!!

They all look fantastic, Lynnette.

Dympna said...

Your kids are getting so big. I hate gutting the pumpkins also.
I always loved the field trips to the pumpkin patch. One of my favorite field trips.