Sunday, October 18, 2009

Football Sunday

It's Sunday, and fortunately for me, this morning I Kitchener stitched the toe of my second Brett Favre sock!
I'm very proud of myself--the yarn is Opal Mississippi (I couldn't make this up...) color #2087. The problem is getting the socks to look alike. I'm not completely anal about it, like some people, but I do like my patterns to look somewhat similar. I got really close on these, so they are nearly identical. Yay Me!
We went over to Dan's house to watch the Packers kill the Lions. I enjoyed quite a few Mike's Hard Pink Lemonades (OK, is 5 quite a few??) and I can honestly say I've never been hung over the same day. I am getting old.

Did you see the Vikings pull out the game in the last minute to stay 6-0? Couldn't be happier about that!! To reiterate: I am not a Vikings fan. I am not even really a total Brett Favre fan (I think he's acted like a complete asshole drama queen)--but I absolutely, positively HATE Ted Thompson's guts. He needs to lose his job and crawl back into whatever obscure hole he came out of. The Packers need someone who makes educated decisions, listens to his staff, picks up Free Agents, actually does what is best for the team (and not just says he does) and admits when he is wrong (JUSTIN HARRELL) so the team can move on. And if wearing a purple and gold number 4 the rest of the season gets us to that end, I can force myself to do it. Besides, I look damn good in purple--almost as good as green.

'nough said about football.

It's time for me to start Anna's sweater. I'm not a yarn snob, but I was surprised when Anna wanted me to make her a sweater from Red Heart. She wanted a brown sweater, and I just didn't know if I could bring myself to knit an entire sweater for her in brown...but I did find a nice aran color with flecks of brown and blue in it, and she loves it (lucky me!)

So the moral of the story is this: No one is more thrilled that I've finished my Brett Favre socks than Anna, because now I can knit her sweater!!

Upcoming this week--Sack it to Goodwill for Cub Scouts, Mulberry Farm for Nicholas' class, WLA this week so the library should be interesting.

Nicholas has his last soccer game on Saturday morning--against his current school. We weren't sure what school he would be at when we signed him up for soccer, so we signed him up for his old school, thinking he'll at least know some of the kids. I fear his coach is trying to get rid of him, as he told him he can play with the Richmond team on Saturday if he wants and they'll have someone fill in for him. I told Nicholas no--he's been with his team all year, he's finishing out the season with them.
Maybe it's just my over-sensitivity on these issues--Let's face it, I am scarred by my own childhood. There's nothing quite like having an art teacher who draws your self-portrait for you or has another kid do your paperweight because you suck so bad at art. Or a music teacher who singles you out in 5th grade to give "special lessons" to at recess time, and let's it slip it's because you sing too loudly and suck at it, and the other girls complained--but come on. I'm sorry my son is not a star soccer player. But wanna know a secret? He is the kid out there having the most fun! The smile on his face, because he's just happy to be out there playing with his friends, is priceless. He's improved tons this season, and I'm very proud of him--and I hope his coach is proud of him too.


Kristen said...

My mom makes socks, Lynnette! I love yours. I wish I could have gotten her knitting, crocheting, and quilting talents, but I did not.
Great stuff here on your blog.
Glad I came by and took a peek!