Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Caring Son

My kids' school is great. They have awards every quarter called "Character Counts", where kids are nominated for awards by their teachers based on 6 character traits: Respect, Trustworthiness, Caring, Responsibility, Citizenship and Fairness. Nicholas got an award yesterday for Caring, which is no surprise--he is a very caring, kind little guy.
Unfortunately, he's also a sick little guy. I could tell as he walked back from the award ceremony that he just didn't look right (notice how white his face is?), and, sure enough, he had a fever of 102 when he got home.

Of course with my children, the Motrin kicks in, and you'd never know they were sick. Nicholas and Anna spent 2 hours screwing they are more quiet, since Nicholas' fever is back.

In other news, I started Anna's sweater.
And now I won't be working on it tonight, thanks to my good friend Susan Bates and her crappy interchangeable needles. It kept unscrewing, so I went to tighten it. And it broke!
Oh and the tree that was still green? Yeah, well, not so much now. Now I need to rake:
Think I'll start some socks tonight.