Friday, January 27, 2017

Follow Up

OK, so I can't post my panic post about painting without the follow up.

The painting was fine. I hate my picture, but other people seem to like it (Including my kids, who hung it up right away). The experience was pretty awful. Let's just say I will never take a painting class from this person (who would not tell us his name) ever again. Bob Ross says there are no mistakes. This dude (CJ) pointed out all of our mistakes-we're doing it wrong, we're not using enough paint, we're using too much paint, we're using too much water, we're not using enough water, "Why are you all just sitting there gabbing?" even though he hadn't told us the next step. I almost walked out 3 times. Fortunately, we finished the painting in one night, because had it gone over 2 nights, I wouldn't have gone back.

So I learned. I will buy my painting supplies and paint with Bob Ross on Netflix. It will be good.

Knitting News:

Still working on Counterpoint. I have to start my socks for January (It's the 27th already!). Finished a Pussy Hat for Anna, and now have to make 4 to send to Australia (!).

I am beyond thrilled that I signed up for the Loopy Ewe's Loopy Groupies Warm Woolies. I've received 2 of the 3 shipments, and it's so much fun to get surprise yarn in the mail!  Here is December's: