Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And life goes on...

Sometimes you find yourself in places you never thought you'd find yourself. Say...like back at your mom and dad's house?

Our first date for our closing was May 13th. Then it was May 31st. Then June 10th. Then June 17th. Then June 30th.  FINALLY, the painting was complete, the FHA inspection was passed and we were ready to go.  And then....

Then Quicken Loans threw us for a loop. If I can say one thing that anyone listens to, it is PLEASE DON'T GO THROUGH QUICKEN LOANS FOR ANYTHING.

They were stringing us along for a lot of things...asking for the same documents over and over again. My friend gave us some money, and they wanted the gift statement. And her bank statements. And her other bank statements. And then a letter that we drafted saying the nature of our close relationship and why she would give us this money. Just ridiculousness.

Then they pulled Brian's credit report again (Because the "process was taking so long"), and his score had gone down. Because we had been using the credit cards and leaving money in the checking account, like they told us to do.  When Brian said, "Well, it went down because of usage. I can pay down the balance, and the score will go back up." the response was "We're not credit counselors". When Brian asked if they ever use common sense, the response was, "I've been in the business for 11 years, and I've never been allowed to use common sense."

We ended up calling HUD to have them call Quicken to get us out of our loan, mostly because we felt like they were stringing us along to make us pay fees. Within an hour of our call to HUD, Quicken called to say they were "Not continuing with the loan".  We went online and found story after story just like ours.

In the meantime, we had to be out of our rented house.  So we moved everything we own into storage.  We are staying with our parents and commuting back and forth to work-no small feat, as my job is 2 hours from there.  BUT:

We are hoping it's temporary, as our realtor "knows a guy" who has started the FHA loan process. Fortunately our appraisals/inspections are maintained in the government database (See? Not all government databases=unmarked helicopters), but the bad news is it probably won't be until July 15th with the July  4th holiday in there.

So I am trying not to lose my crap, wondering when that is going to happen, and being really grateful for my desk at work and my little plots of garden, because they are mine.

TL;DR=Quicken sucks. We lost our financing and are nomadic, but we have new financing and hopefully will be in our house by July 15th.

Anyway, here is a flower from the garden at my hopefully-soon-to-be-mine house to make you happy:

I am knitting, sort of. I will take a picture of the sock I am test knitting when I get home and get it up here. I also have some DELICIOUS looking yarn from Jesseknits to start a MKAL, sock knitting style. So excited about this, but it's a surprise, so I can't show you pretties yet (Soon!)