Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Manic weather and a monkey

I started Monkey last night--you can barely see the pattern emerging(and my hand is that red from being outside):

The twisted rib looks great, but holy man, is K1 tbl hard to do on the cast on row! And for now it's a pattern to do when the kids aren't around--the individual rows are pretty easy to remember, it's losing my place I'm worried about.

The weather is one word: Miserable! It poured yesterday, with thunderstorms. It poured all day today--no thunder, but about 34 degrees. Cold and very wet. And now, snow. It just started about 20 minutes ago. Not my best work as a photographer, but I tried to get it--the fine conditions combined with how dark it is (It's been that dark all day) make it hard. The last pic shows the icy snow on the table and deck...mind you, in 20 minutes.

Snow day tomorrow? If all this water freezes, the roads are going to be WAY bad. I could use a mental health day! I just have to hope that the library is closed with the schools.

I was thinking today after going to Ruby's blog and seeing her sensible and doable resolutions. I really need to get organized. My life is chaos, and a lot of it I can't control, but I need to control the stuff I can. Also, Anna is way disorganized at school, and I know it is because her home life isn't exactly a see of organization--we're not exactly good examples. So that's it--I'm going to get organized. A little at a time, a room at a time. I think I can do it.

Maybe I'll start by organizing my needles and stash, and logging them at Ravelry. It's the little things, right? :)