Saturday, January 19, 2008

Working on a Monkey

I've been working on my Monkey socks. They are time consuming, but pretty. I thought they would be WAY loose, but they aren't, because they ended up longer than I usually make my socks, and my calf is still plenty round to hold it up.

And that's the extent of my knitting--I am going to attempt an Illusion scarf and see how I do and if I can figure it out...I'd like to get some nice wool and make it for the "I Love My Library" silent auction...if it looks decent enough. I have such little self esteem about stuff like that.

Otherwise it's just COLD--it's -5 now (feels like -25) and tonight the air temperature alone will be -16. We thought tomorrow's temp was a good sign (4 Brett Favre's number) but now it is down to 2. Let's hope it isn't a jinx.

I have been militant about not jinxing the Packers...we have a Packers flag on our flagpole, which is tearing in the trees. But I can't replace it--what if they lose because I replaced it? The kids? Well, they need to wear exactly what they wore last week. We are already going to my parent's house instead of here, and ordering pizza instead of cooking out, so I hope that isn't a problem.



Thora said...

I'm clueless - THAT's why the Packers keep coming up over here! I'll be thinking good mojo Packy thoughts for you.

Mum said...

So, I've been reading old posts, and noticed your comment about your self-esteem about your knitting, and I have to tell you, your knitting is fantastic!