Thursday, February 7, 2008

Master of Illusion

It looks like an ordinary striped scarf...

And abracadabra! POOF!

I feel like a magician. Maybe a magician with Carpal Tunnel soon. I finished the Heart Shadow of Illusion scarf. Now I get to give it away. It's for a good cause: I made it for the I Love My Library silent auction on Sunday. The dinner I don't get to go to, because my husband doesn't want to spend the money. He thought it was a GREAT idea when he thought it would further his career. Then he found out most people don't go--because it's so much money--so now he doesn't want to go.

Of course the only reason I don't want to go is I don't want to see that no one will bid on my scarf! I think it's extremely cool. But probably the people that pay $100 for dinner won't. I guess when I turn it in tomorrow, it isn't my problem anymore. At least I have some cool pictures, and the confidence to know I can do it. And special thanks to Laura the pattern maker for writing out the pattern and once again enabling me to not have to work from a chart! LOL

Of course Sock of the Month is a gorgeous cabled thing, that DOESN'T come with written instructions. So I'd better learn quick.

But up next: resting my tingling hands for a day. THEN Hat Attack is upon us! I know I will die right away, but the whole idea of it was too much fun NOT to join in with. I know I would royally suck if it wasn't a hat (and I still might suck, seeing as the pattern will have cables) but it'll be fun anyway. And who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky and the person who has my name will get killed right away by someone who sends Express Mail, and I'll stand at least a fighting chance! (Perchance to dream...)

Oh and Emily might have carpal tunnel later in life from plugging too many tokens into the Spongebob machine at Chuck E. Cheese.
She'd go through a cup of coins like nobody's business (I see slot machines in her future!) Of course she won a whole mess of tickets, so it's all good.


Ruby said...

Love the scarf! I think it turned out great...I would have bid on it!

BTW, what happened with your images on the sidebars and your title? Most of them say that hotlinking has been disabled for your domain and show an add for imageshack?

Lynnette said...

I wonder if Imageshack was down this morning? They seem to be up now...what I really need to do is use some personal webspace to link my pictures from, so I don't have to worry about Imageshack going down. But it's so much work LOL

Thora said...

Oh, I can't see a picture! Nuts. Will come back. :)

Thora said...

Okay, now I see it - it's really freaking long! I love it - I want to do one with om mani padme hum in it. :)