Monday, February 18, 2008

I learned something new!

I'm still working on Emily's sweater, and I think I have one more "4 rnds then a decrease" left, plus the 6 rnds in the smaller needle size and I will have one sleeve done.

See the striping though?

I'm bummed about that, and I should have realized it and didn't. I could live with the entire raglan sleeves being different width stripes if I had to, but the pattern is from the top down, the top part of the raglan is already knitted into the body of the sweater. So the stripes at the top of the "sleeve"are smaller than the part down near the bottom where the sleeves are joined and done in a round.

It also isn't noticeable on the picture that accompanies that pattern, that is also done in striped yarn. I don't know how they got the stripes on the sleeves the same size as the body of the sweater--or why they didn't say how to do that.

Anyway, Emily isn't going to care, and I learned not to use striping yarn when making a top down Knitting Pure and Simple pattern! I also learned how to knit in a round with 2 circulars. Thora always uses 2 circs instead of dpn's (she sent me a bunch of her dpn's last year even!) I always wanted to learn how to do it, and had my chance because I didn't have a set of size 9 dpn's. Not even a mismatched set! No size 9's whatsoever!

So I talked to Thora and she said I had the right general idea. I don't know if it is my preferred method. It seems kind of putzy and I know it's just me, because Thora is wicked fast! But I am glad I learned to do it and glad I COULD do it.

I also learned to do the top down thing, which I kind of like! It is very efficient (and let's face it...a relief!) to not have to keep track of pieces to seam together. When I am done knitting, I will be done.

We got 10" of snow yesterday. Here is the table now:

And check out the sign across the street (you can scroll down and see it before our big snow) The snow is nearly up to the sign part:

And yes. It's snowing again.

And Emily wanted to knit today. She grabbed some ribbon yarn...I told he to go for it...I'll never use it LOL: