Friday, January 7, 2011


In case you haven't found your way over, you really should pop in on Every year they have a Cherry Tree Hill yarn sale. I love Cherry Tree Hill yarns...I think they are my favorite sock yarn. So I picked up 2 very cool skeins that cost me $12 each. The first 200 orders got Goodie bags--I ordered at 12:45am EST January 1st, so I figured I'd be on one of the 200 ;) Fortunately for me I was and got a whole lot of happy in the mail today!

First, the skeins that I ordered. Won't the Red and black make GREAT Badger socks??

Then I got some BEAUTIFUL Ivy Brambles Romantic Merino lace...1000 yds. The stuff retails for $26--more than my total order for sock yarn--and it's so soft. I love the buttery-ness of the color. I also got some Spangle--it's rayon-y and has little sequins in it. It's kinda cool and soft, but I have no idea what to do with it yet. I bet I could dye it!

Then I got ball of Jam from Knit One Crochet 2 and 2 balls of Fizz by Crystal Palace. The prices marked on them are over $25. I am not a big novelty yarn person, but I am thinking my cats will like some cat toys.

I also got this cute little 50g skein of CTH Louet gems Merino in Winterberry. It's pretty, and I think I can use some add-ons from my stash to make some cute sockies for Emily.

I got 2 patterns for some Possum Swag Socks from CTH and another one for a tank top.

So it's a good day--and I've been knitting...but this is the only view you get so far! :)

Have a great day! Hope your 2011 is going great :)