Saturday, January 29, 2011

Red Heart Red

There is NO WAY I can not have a skein of Red Heart Red around here. I am making the coolest hat for my friend's son (and then one for Nicholas the way it looks), and I've found nearly all the colors I need but no red in my entire house? That can't be right!

So I'm ready to start my first duplicate stitching attempt. After this I can officially say I tried something new. I just hope it doesn't look like complete crap, because then I have to remake the hat using intarsia (which I might try for Nicholas' hat). I've seen lots of people's projects that are duplicate stitched, and they look great, so there is hope.

Next up is Miss Dashwood from Knitty for Miss Lanie, then some super warm mittens for Mister Alex. It feels good to be knitting and reading so much!

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Jessica said...

You made three children VERY happy