Monday, March 24, 2008

Tragedy in my Knitting World

You know those times when you are in the zone when you are knitting? You're feelin' the flow, gettin' it done. I was in that zone Saturday night. I was going to get Emily's sweater done. I only had 5 or so inches to go. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, then this happened:

This horrible unspeakable thing. This tragedy. My Denise needle snapped in the middle of my knitting. I know I can send for a replacement. But that's little comfort when you have a sweater to get done the next day. And of course I have no other size 5 circs. Why would I? I have a set of Denise Knitting Needles. "Relax, we're all here". Only, you aren't all here. Not anymore.

I realize that my yarn is not the best yarn. It's pretty crappy yarn actually. Some of the worst stuff I've ever used. Full of knots and shlubs. But it isn't steel wool or anything. It shouldn't have the power to break needles. And there I was, pushing it down the needle and I heard the sickening snap.

So the sweater was not done by Easter. The first time I have ever missed an Easter deadline. I am now trying to finish it on straight needles, which is an uncomfortable pain, and it is going slowly.

I will send my needle back to Denise to be replaced. I was so proud and happy to finally have a set of Denise needles. So I will get it replaced. And I will have the peace of mind that goes with having all my needles there for me, ready to knit whenever I need a certain size.

And I will slowly, quietly, one by one, begin buying Addi turbos on the side.


Thora said...

Ouch! Were you able to get some at your LYS?