Monday, March 10, 2008

Maybe it will be Spring soon?

Alright, I am following the rules. I set the stupid clocks ahead (and lost an hour of sleep...which I feel this morning thank-you-very-much!) I am making(stressing) about Emily's Easter sweater. I know Easter is in *gulp* 2 weeks. So shouldn't I get a little Spring? Instead of 10 degrees this morning?

Fortunately it is supposed to warm up the end of the like 40 degrees! Which is good, because Anna spotted these little guys next door (tulips maybe? Or Daffodils?) who are popping up their heads!

She also spotted new grass, but I can't figure out where she saw that. Probably like 3 little sprouts behind a bush somewhere, but that counts! So I will have to ask her when she gets home to show me, so I can take a picture and share some Spring.

And we have a beautiful Cardinal that I think is making a home in the big pine tree behind us. This is as close as he'd get for me to take a picture today.

He was singing so beautifully this morning--Nicholas would sing back, and the bird would sing (Nicholas just learned to whistle) and he turns to me and says, "That red bird is singing to me!"
We put up new feeders yesterday, for the birds and the squirrels. We have chickadees, sparrows and a nuthatch around, and yesterday I swear I saw a Junco! I'll take some pictures if they get close. I love birds, as long as they aren't in my house I think!

Otherwise, I was working on my SOTM.
It's pretty, but it's fiddly. I don't know if it's worth all's too hard to tell from the looks of the pattern so far.

And I just started Emily's Easter sweater (as my mother let her pick out her know, sleeveless for March 22 in Wisconsin....).
I used some Bernat Caress I had laying around my stash forever. The only problem I'm seeing so far is the cat/dog hair. But that's a given anytime I use white.


Ruby said...

All signs of Spring are welcome!

Can't wait to see more of the sock. I love lace and definitely want to do some lace socks.