Monday, March 3, 2008

Nothing nicer than a Sweater and matching socks!

I finished up Emily's top down sweater in Encore Colorspun worsted.
I really like the top down method and can't wait to do a sweater for me that way. But first, I told Anna I'd make one for her, and I still owe Nicholas the camo sweater that I frogged (the Wallaby--ugh)

I had a ball of Encore left over and rather than stash it or get a refund (perish the thought--taking BACK yarn???) I made Emily a pair of socks with a free pattern from the Plymouth site.

I made the 2 year old size, and it was too small--and they don't do much in the way of heel turning, so it really didn't want to stay on. So I made the 4 year old size and they fit great!

I have one little lonely size 2, so I might whip up another one and bring it to Iris for the Dulaan project. (I think they are collecting for that one next).

I finally got my pattern from SOTM. It's a really pretty pattern and really soft yarn, so I am excited to start that. I need to make a drawstring for the Daria bag. And I need to start my sock for SKP 2008. I have to tell you--oy! The pattern is written toe up, magic loop.
A--I have never done a toe up sock
B--I have NO CLUE how to do Magic Loop.

Fortunately, I can do the sock anyway I want to this time, but I have to adjust the pattern, and we all know how comfortable I am with that. So I might try it toe up, but on dpn's. I have 2 months to do it, but I'd like to get it done and not have it looming so I am ready for the next one. I know I have to learn toe up socks eventually (and I might even like them...). It's just--oy!

So that's the story here. Oh and bizarre weather. Thunderstorms last night--not Thunder Snow, Thunderstorms. With rain. Then freezing rain. Then snow this morning. Not a whole lot of snow (It looks like it stayed at about 34 degrees all night). The trees are pretty this morning.

And I leave you with a picture of Emily.
I need to take a picture of her in her sweater ensemble, but I thought I'd post this one because I love when my kids are in overalls.


Thora said...

I remember when I had pigtails. Then I got gum in them.

Her sweater and socks came out perfect! She is going to look adorable in them.