Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well, we got a little bit of snow yesterday. Not much. It would have been fine anyway, considering the temp today is supposed to be 42. Has Spring, sprung? Is it springing? I don't know. But I DID clean my kitchen today. Maybe it's a sign...I do not clean easily.

We did have visitors at our feeders. Here is the chickadee:
And the Nuthatch:
A bad picture of a bird I am pretty sure is a Junco:
And a squirrel actually using the squirrel feeder:

And I have been working on Emily's sweater. I have divided each area and I am about to do the first sleeve.
I am hoping by Saturday it will be done. I really dislike this is Bernat Caress...definitely acrylic-y (and I am NOT a yarn snob. I love a nice acrylic.) but the "mohair look" they gave it does nothing but pick up all the cat and dog hair. I see why it sat in my stash for so long--and why it was 99 cents on clearance when I did.

But speaking of my stash, I have to make this pledge, and I know my 2 friends that read this will take me to task if I break it--my next 5 projects will be from what I have around the house--I will buy no new yarn. This reasoning is 3 fold:

A--I have too much yarn. (Yes, it is possible).
B--I have too many projects I need to get going on that I have purchased yarn for recently, and I have not started.
C--I have spent WAY WAY WAYYYYY too much money on yarn this month. I know it is because the tax return came back and I thought I'd go whole hog--but mostly it is because I am depressed, and when I am depressed, I spend. I can't justify it; that's a fact. So I need to stop the madness.

We want to take the kids to Disneyworld in October, and I also want to go visiting this year. I won't have any money saved, and can't show my kids the beauty of saving for something, if I don't do it myself.

Nicholas' friend's mom (got that? LOL) sells stuff on Ebay, so I'm going to have her show me how (mostly I am trying to figure out how to calculate shipping costs...) and I am going to get rid of not only yarn, but baby and maternity clothes. I don't think I will be in need of them anytime soon, and I figure if we are well off enough to have another kid, we will just need to have money to buy new clothes.

That last statement is pretty much resigning myself to the fact that I won't be having any more children. But I have 3 beautiful little angels/handfuls now, and I don't NEED another kid. Not to mention the fact that I don't really miss the "not sleeping through night/bottles/poop every diaper" days.

So I will be very happy when Spring comes. I can hopefully get my house organized to get us all on a routine, start putting aside some money (and paying some back bills. I did manage to get a few paid already) and we can get outside, get planting, get walking and get riding our bikes...because if the cabin fever doesn't kill us, the gas prices might!


Ruby said...

Good luck with the stash busting! Definitely something I need to do as well.

Hope you had a great weekend! I did though I'm exhausted.

Thora said...

Okay, I'll try and watch your back about no new stash though I'll probably suck at it. :) Did you put what you have up on Ravelry? Oh, and when I send you your box, that doesn't count as new stash. Or if you want to trade anything lol....