Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I've got a sweater that was for Easter...it was done on a Monday night...

With all apologies to Sheryl Crow, that IS the scenario. Finally, the damn Easter sweater is done.

I ended up doing the rest of the body on size 5 straights (making my wrists scream...) and the bottom green edging and the green around the outside on my size 6 circulars. It took 2 boxes of T-pins to block it, and it probably won't work since it's acrylic.

I guess I will do the best I can and when it's dry, it's dry. At least it seems to be Allegra approved.

Now I am onto the "Birds" bag from Debbie Bliss' "Kids Knits for Heads, Hands and Feet". It's written in Debbie Bliss' completely clear style (oy) so it should be a real treat. I bought the yarn, Patons Grace, ages ago, so I am hoping I have enough.


Susanna said...

Congratulations on finishing the sweater. It looks really cute. I am looking forward to seeing Emily in her new sweater.
I am glad I found you again. I will write you an email soon.

Ruby said...

For all the pain in its making, the sweater does look beautiful!

Thora said...

It's adorable!! Does she like it?