Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winter has arrived

All of the sudden, out the window, it looked like this:

I can't remember the last time we had snow this "early". Sounds strange in Wisconsin, but a few years ago it seriously didn't snow until February! Good thing there's no global warming! We're supposed to get another 2-4" tonight, and possibly another storm on Sunday. Gentlemen, start your snowblowers!

So I made Emily a pair of mittens (exactly the same as Anna's--Jiffy yarn, Ann Budd book, just a smaller size).

And I quick finished up a bonnet hat for Anna this morning (started it last night). I found the pattern at cheapknittingpatterns.com. It cost me 99 cents. I used some stash Woolease in Tartan Twist.

Today--Christmas ornaments for Nicholas' teachers! The only hard part is all my ornament patterns are on the old hard drive I can't get to, so I am starting from scratch trying to find some. Everyday is an adventure!


Ruby said...

Looks like we're going to be getting some of that snow tonight and tomorrow. You know...you really didn't need to share with us! :)

Great timing on the mittens, looks like they'll get lots of use this winter. I like the bonnet hat!

Thora said...

Can't remember where, but I heard somewhere Canada's supposed to have its coldest winter in 15 years. We've had two tiny little snows so far already, but I'm hoping the rest of the winter won't be *too* bad.

Thora said...

Shit - I forgot - I love Anna's bonnet hat too! That color is perfect for her eyes.

Tina - omme i London said...

Oh I am so envious of your snow pictures!
- oh, and nice knitting too. :)