Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Day-After-Festivus (Christmas Eve)

I was going to post yesterday, but Brian had a paper to finish for school, so my computer privileges were limited yesterday! I was going to call my Mother-in-Law up for the "airing of the grievances" but I was a good girl.

I finished all my Christmas knitting yesterday (whew!) I could have done more, but I said "Nah!" I am going to start my gma's hat that I have been putting off and I already started a pair of socks. I'll take a picture of those soon. I am using some pastelish-Regia yarn I have been wanting to knit up forever, but never got around to. It is knitting up as beautifully as I thought it would.

I had quite the adventure with my mother-in-law's mittens. For whatever reason (It was 2am, yadda yadda...) I mattress stitched one seam with the right side out (like you are supposed to) and one inside out. The result was a hideous seam on the outside. I couldn't hide it, and didn't notice it until they were already felted. I was going to make another mitten, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. For one thing, I am tired of mittens. For another thing, it is for my MIL, and she isn't going to like them or appreciate them anyway--but I didn't want to not give her my best work either. So I took a chance and ripped out the seam, sewed it up again and hand felted just the seam--and it worked! Here is a picture of the terrible seam as I was ripping it out:

So here are my photos. Here are my Mother-in-Law's mittens, unfelted and felted:

Here are my mom's mittens, unfelted and felted (they are so soft--when I get out of my mitten-funk I am making a pair for me!):

Here is my brother's KC Chiefs pillow (no accounting for taste):

So now I just have wrapping to do, which I'd better get to before Brian comes home with the kids. They are sledding--our snow was about to disappear in 40 degree temps until we had a nice little snow storm yesterday. The snow blew sideways, and we had 50 mph gusts. I tried to take a picture of it...not great, but here is what I came up with:

So I'm off to wrap! The cookies are baked and the necessary knitting is done!!

Merry Christmas to you!!


Ruby said...

Congrats on finishing your Christmas knitting! Merry Christmas!