Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Knitting Part 1

I've just been working on getting some Christmas knitting done. I tried working on the ornaments for Nicholas' teachers. Only the ornaments that I usually use (and like) are on the other hard drive, and I don't have access to it (I should take a picture of the computer I'm using. It would be amusing if it wasn't so sad). So I hunted on the web, and found..not a whole lot I liked.

So I thought, "Jean Greenhowe!" I started a Frosty Friend snowman. I got the bottom done (40 rows, size 2 needles, you get the picture). I did the decrease for the neck, thought of doing 17 more rows of white and another 16 for the hat, plus the arms, plus the facial features, plus the cane, AND another one, saw that it was already 9:30 pm the night before (Of course it was) and I had to work the next morning (of course I did) and started to make a little gift doll instead.

I got the body done and an arm done and couldn't take it anymore. It looked crappy. And my patience was thin. And it was 11pm.

So I bought them plants at Walmart. Case closed.

Yesterday and today I worked on the Seaman's Cap for my dad. I like it, and I highly recommend the pattern to anyone looking for a good basic hat. I think he will hate it. And he already told me he wants money for Christmas. OK, you really don't have to ask what kind of a father tells his extremely broke ("Uh, Mom, can I bum a roll of toilet paper off you?") daughter that she should give him money for Christmas. "Alright Dad, here is the $3 I spent on the yarn for your hat. Merry Christmas" *sigh* Anyway, I think it turned out great. If he never wears it, I will sneak it from their house and bring it home for myself:

Next up is the Sister-in-Law hat(aptly named!) for my SIL Jamie. If I have time (and I am so inclined...both of which probably have a snowball's chance in hell) I will make her a scarf too. Mittens (the big Lopi ones) for my Mom and MIL. KC Chiefs pants for my brother (these are sewn. I am not daring enough to try to knit them.) Something for Anna's teacher (Maybe the $5 plant at Walmart again, as by this point next week I will be rocking in a corner, still with knitting needles in hand)


Ruby said...

The Seaman's Cap came out great! I do hope your dad appreciates it. It's a lovely gift.

Can't wait to see your SIL hat. I love Kody May's hat patterns. I've made several of the Asminah and Kmay's Elegant Eyelet Lace hats.

Thora said...

Say, that cap came out really nice. Makes me think I should make one for my brother. And I love the SIL hat - score!