Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Knitting, Part 2

I finished the Sister In Law hat for my SIL Jamie. It turned out really great (although hard to photograph in black.) What a great pattern--thanks Kody May!

I am also working on a scarf to go with it. The nice thing is, I can feel good about having the hat done for a gift, so if I don't get the scarf done, it's ok.

Next up is mittens--my mom, my MIL and Brian. Brian wants his before Christmas, so I will work on them next (he wants some nice warm mittens to go sledding with). Actually I think I'll make Nicholas some first. He has been slighted on my knitting adventures lately--his sisters got new mittens and Anna got a new hat, so it's his turn.

I am tired of knitting with black--I will be happy when these main presents are done (and I sew my brother's KC Chiefs pants.) and I can go back to knitting with pretty colors. LOL


Thora said...

What a pretty hat! She's going to love it. I think the starfish on top looks so pretty.

Have you ever made mittens with gauntlets? Just curious - can't be too hard just to throw them on can it?