Thursday, November 1, 2007


Halloween was a blast this year! I got to clean out the pumpkins. I'm not the greatest mastermind at stuff like this--not to be "that way", but it's a Dad-job if there ever was one. But I managed to clean them out. Anna and Nicholas stuck it out with me:
I managed to break a knife in the process. They just don't make 'em like they used to.
I was in a mad scramble to get everything ready after work yesterday. The kids were Trick or Treating at my parents house, then coming back here to Trick or Treat with friends. In my mad dash I managed to set the car keys down....and not remember where they were. I had everything: The costumes, the bags, the candy for Nicholas' class, my knitting...but no keys. I finally surrendered and had to call my dad to pick me up. While I waited, I made boo suckers:
Sadly, I had to use my black Woolease for the ties...I couldn't find my black Red Heart.
(and I eventually found the car keys...they were by my yarn. Of course that could be anywhere in the house...)

On to Trick or Treating! We had a Bobby Soxer (Note the beautiful handmade poodle skirt):
A Red Power Ranger (who rarely watches Power Rangers--but he had a cool gun, so we had to get it):
And Dora the Explorer. I LOVE the yarn wig!!!:
They made quite a haul, and stuck it out the entire time. Emily wanted to walk most of the time, so that was surprising! Now if I could keep the sucker sticks away from my yarn. The threats are flying left and right! And the bag my shawl is in is tightly zipped and up high!

Next post knitting (and hopefully a finished shawl body--stay tuned!)