Monday, November 19, 2007

Ever have one of those patterns...

Where things just don't seem to work out?

Alright, I'm making the kids mittens using the "Fulled Mittens" pattern in the book, Knit Mittens! Only the rows to length thing didn't work out, and I had to just stick to length. Fine, whatever. I even adjusted my gauge to work out to what they said. So I finished one for Emily--and the thumb is HUGE. Considering that the book says (and I know this from experience) that it will shrink up about 20%, I really don't know how long they think my little girl's thumb IS:

I'm making the second one just to see what will happen before I make Nicholas' and Anna's. But it's ridiculous--I actually shorted it an inch and a half from where they wanted it--they want the mitten 5 3/4" and the thumb 5"! Are they measuring from the bottom? Every other pattern I've had measures from the beginning of the thumb gusset....

I also got my knit picks order to make my grandmother the High Society Cloche in Romantic Knits:
I don't care for the color (It's cherry in the shine sport from Knit picks). It's more red than orangey that shows up's a color that screams my grandmother though. I know I'll knit her this hat and she'll never wear it, but I've done my part then.


Ruby said...

Definitely sounds like they made an error in the mitten pattern! Even if they're measuring from the bottom, there really should be more distance between the top of the thumb and the top of the mitten. How strange.

I enjoyed the Knit Night a lot and do recommend that you try it. Hopefully, you have several in the area to choose from - that way, if one isn't a very good fit, you'll have other options. I'm glad that it was a small group the first night, that made it easier.

Can't wait to see the cloche! Red is one of my favorite colors and that's a nice pattern.

Thora said...

She's going to love that hat - that's one you could go out on the town with.