Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I FINALLY finished the shawl. (photo shows it unblocked)

Seriously, I haven't posted because I was embarrassed to say I had to rip it out AGAIN. Third time was a charm though *sigh*. The last time was my husband knocking it off the needles. I had taken out the lifelines--I was nearly done!

Anyway, I flew threw it the third time. Definitely had the pattern down pat. And thanks to Susan for answering my stupid question and not making me feel stupid.

I ended up with this much yarn left:

I also made a pair of Lopi mittens for one of Nicholas' preschool teachers--her birthday was November 8th. She loved them and wrote me the sweetest thank you note...and I definitely know what to make his other preschool teacher!

I want to get Nicholas' WW finished.

My order also came from Naked Sheep to make mittens. I ran to Hobby Lobby today to buy the right size dpns. I also ordered yarn from Knit Picks to make a hat for my grandmother, which means I will have to knit like the blazes when it gets here (I just got the shipping confirmation today) because they leave the Friday after Thanksgiving and they will be here Thursday already.


Ruby said...

Hi neighbor! Thanks for your comment. Naturally, I had to check out your blog too.

Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I'm envious. I've only just started lace knitting this past summer (a simple scarf). I still need to learn to knit from a chart before I can try a shawl. Now I'm all impatient to get started.