Sunday, October 2, 2011


 So to start with, I have to give a plug to PAK (Personal Accessory Kit).  I got one using a Groupon to get it half price.  It was a cute idea and a cute bag.  I was annoyed that the shipping was high.  BUT that was the only thing I was annoyed with.  It is SO cute--and loaded with stuff you need.

So after using the clippers that I needed, it broke.  And not just "I think I can fix it" broke, the metal snapped.  So I wrote to PAK, and let them know they might have a problem if other ones break.  Their co-owner, Nicol, answered me right away and we had a very fun email conversation.  She not only sent me one clippers, she sent me two and a bag full of other goodies to restock my PAK when I needed too.  How cool is that?  That is AMAZING Customer Service, and I encourage anyone looking for a fun gift for someone (or for yourself) to check out the PAK store!

My bag of Goodies from Nicol at PAK

I also fixed my sock with the big whole in the bottom.  I couldn't find the leftover sock yarn for this pattern, so I used some blue Patons Kroy.  You can't tell too much, and no one should look at my heel.  Unfortunately, no sooner had I fixed it, that evening the OTHER heel went out.  I need to figure out what yarn this is (If anyone has a clue, please let me know) so I never use it again.  I've never had heel/toe problems with any other yarn.

My Evergreen Sleeves Tunic is coming along.  This is through the ribbing:

And this is after 1 skein (I'm through the 2nd skein now):

I have nearly 12" done in the front (I think I need 20", but it's a quick knit.)  I just need to find the time to do it now.  I also need to start a pair of socks and get that going so I have something to do on the plane (11 days til I leave for NY, BABY!)

Oh yeah, and Emily had a birthday party/Halloween party yesterday.  It was pretty amusing to walk in and see children crying hysterically.  They had a haunted house at the party, and let's just say, maybe it wasn't the most "child friendly" one.  My daughter was the smart one--she didn't go down there!

My Little Witch


Jessica said...

The witch photo is a good one! That is GREAT customer service!