Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky Stuff

Well, tomorrow is Halloween.  The only thing spookier than the snowstorm out East before Halloween--I had a dandelion in my yard on Friday!!

The kids have had numerous places to wear their costumes.  They went Trick or Treating in Menasha, to Halloween at the Zoo in Oshkosh, Zoo Boo at the New Zoo in Green Bay and of course Trick or Treating tomorrow night!  We did just find out that Emily's dress (I bought at Goodwill) lights up underneath, so I'll take more pictures of that tomorrow.

Anna is doing her next project for school on Wisconsin Ghosts.  So today we went looking for Kate Blood's grave.  The legend of Kate Blood can be found here.  The stories are wild--she was a witch, she killed her children, she killed her husband and the grave seeps blood.  She actually died of consumption in Kansas.  Her husband outlived her (and remarried) and she only had one child, age 2 when she died.

The grave is hard to find (and no one has a good "map" to it online, so I'm going to try).  When you go into Riverside Cemetary, stay on the roads to the right.  You will loop around once and near the markers E and F, you will see an orange triangle that blocks the road and leads down (the grave markers of Pierce and Smith are near here, and you will actually see one that says Blood to your right, but that's not the Blood you are looking for).

  Park in front of the orange triangle, and take the path down.  To your left a short walk down you will see a separate plot of graves, and the big marker will say "Miller".  If you read closely, the top part will say Kate M. Blood.  The fact that these graves are set apart adds to the mystique, I'm sure.

The "blood dripping"?  There are many berry trees in the area, and it's probably the berries staining the markers.

So there is a fun little pre-Halloween narrative.  In other news--I finished my socks (SQUEE!!!)

Love this yarn, and they really are beautiful if I do say so myself.

In other knitting related news--I need to go back through my blog and see if I documented what yarn I used to make these socks:

All I know is I never want to buy this yarn again--I no sooner fixed the heels, and more holes showed up.  They are done for :(

In more knitting news, I am making a slouchy beanie for my friend Jeannette in South Carolina.  She is trading me some of her homemade soap for it.  I love swaps, especially with people I know (where I won't get screwed).


Jessica said...

I adore their costumes!