Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and I Have a Lot of Yarn

It's been so long that I have to go through my photos to figure out what I want to blog about.  Our computer got a nasty NASTY virus, so we had to reboot everything.  In the meantime, my husband took the cord that hooks up my phone to the computer to work (never get the same brand phone as your spouse.  You would think it's convenient, but when they steal your cord, you will think otherwise...)

Anyway, Happy New Years Eve!  We had a nice day today going to the indoor Farmers Market (where a bird pooped on my head), took a walk at Heckrodt, had a nice steak dinner, and now I am relaxing with a Bloody Mary and my blog while I wait to get out snackies for the kiddos.  Good times.

Now, about that absence in blogging...

So, since October 30th:
The kids had Halloween.  Anna and Nick got TWO (!!) bags of candy.

I got some pretty sock yarn (thanks Yarnista Club, Three Irish Girls):

I made a hat for my friend Jeannette:

I made some mittens for Emily:

Emily lost a tooth:

Nicholas had a birthday at the Green Bay Gamblers game:

I made a pretty dishcloth for a swap:

We had Christmas:

I made mittens for Anna:

I found my wedding ring (toy bag, my closet):

And I have a lot of yarn.  A LOT of yarn.  We are most definitely moving this year, as we have outgrown our house.  So I have to assess what we are taking.  My yarn is going--I just didn't realize that I had so much.

 So, onto the dreaded NEW YEARS RESOLUTION!  (Hey, I did my resolution from last year.  I made a sweater for myself.  Finally.  So back off.)

I am going to make a pair of socks a month.  Now, this really isn't "using up" my yarn, as I am in the mega-awesome-terrifical Three Irish Girls Sock Yarnista club.  And I get a skein of sock yarn a month.  But I really gotta use some up, and I really slacked off on socks last year. 

So, no exceptions.  One a month.  Starting tomorrow.  Well, after I finish mittens for my husband who (GASP) asked me to make him some.  Can you believe it??

So, my friends, Happy New Year.  I will be more regular about my blogging.  I promise.  (hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha)